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Daniel Beard


London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom

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Patroller on Halopedia (formerly admin on Halo Nation), huge Halo fan and lore nerd, gamer, hobbyist programmer, and Mathematics and Computer Science student.

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Halo 3, The Covenant, Rally Point Charlie onwards.

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Hi Daniel,

First of all, apologies for the somewhat delayed response! It's been a while since I've been to Halopedia (I know, I really should visit this great wiki more often!). Nic would be correct, given that I've been working on MediaWiki and all things related to MediaWiki since 2008, and as one of the few people who knows a lot about the skinning system, I've written and maintained as well as contributed to a variety of skins. (If you're interested, a super outdated list can be found here -- I really should update it one of these days...)

I haven't yet had the time to play around with Onyx or submit patches, but believe me I certainly intend to do both. :-)

Sidebar parsing code and such in general is a glorious mess. Some years ago I attempted to submit a nested sidebar menu parser (currently used by the Bouquet, DeskMessMirrored and Gamepress skins, based on older Wikia code; Nimbus -- and certain other skins, like Monaco which we have available at ShoutWiki do the same in a slightly different fashion, nevertheless achieving pretty much the same output); this failed as people felt it was too messy to be included in MediaWiki core. While I don't deny that, I felt it would've been an improvement over the sad state of MediaWiki skinning, which is basically now "if you want something more complex than MediaWiki:Sidebar and its parsing logic, you're on your own". And by that I mean you'll either end up 1) copying unholy chunks of code (which is what I've done with Bouquet & friends) or 2) writing a meta-extension and having your skin depend on that; both options are not ideal as we are really talking about the sorta functionality that should just "be there".

As far as using the MediaWiki namespace goes, be bold! Customizability and extensibility is what MediaWiki's all about, so go for it! (Just make sure to escape everything appropriately before outputting anything.)

If you would like to talk more in real time, I'm often around in the #mediawiki IRC channel on the freenode network as ashley (though I'm not always online even though I'm connected 24/7; ping me and if you get a reply, chances are I'm around ;-). I'll try to submit some patches to the Onyx repository hopefully later this week or the next week!


Welcome to Halopedia Dab :D You're my favorite Halo Nation mod!


Go ahead. Just make sure the mediawiki used by Wikia is updated. If it isn't, chances are the template won't work.