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Halo Tidbits
Favorite Halo MomentHalo 3, Halo, Rally Point Bravo onwards.
Worst Halo MomentHaha, funny.
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Video gamesGuess.
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LocationLondon, United Kingdom
HometownLondon, United Kingdom
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Edited the page List of Blitz cards
"Corrected category; this should've been in the Halo Wars 2 category, not..."
Edited the page Halo: Primordium
"/* Plot synopsis */ Corrected spelling error (Janur Qom -%26gt; Janjur Qom)"
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"Thanks! I don't think we have any control over what version of MediaWiki..."
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"Hey, Would you mind if I copied [[Template:Featurelist|this template]]..."
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"Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that. I had a look back at the logs of th..."
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"Apologies! I kinda messed that first message up by forgetting to use pro..."
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"Hey, would you mind if we use [[File:H3-Seraph_overhead1_SLoftus.jpg|thi..."
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Go ahead. Just make sure the mediawiki used by Wikia is updated. If it isn't, chances are the template won't work.