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The food nipple is an invention of the Covenant for feeding Unggoy.


The Unggoy, having such a lowly place in Covenant society, lead an existence of servitude; feeding at these nipples is one of their very few real pleasures. Many Unggoy do not enjoy feeding from food nipples: however, they seem to put up with it because it is their main source of nutrition. They appear as a long tube with a nipple at one end to consume from. They contain a blue, bubbling paste that the Unggoy find unappetizing but nutritious.[1] Melissa McKay described the smell as "old socks wrapped in rotting cheese". [2]

They are described as free standing food-dispensers, with long tubes and receptacles that end in a nipple that the Unggoy use to distribute the food into their gullet.[1]


  • The food nipple is mentioned in the games on multiple occasions:
    • The Thirsty Grunt in Halo: Combat Evolved says "Good thing the food nipple's waiting for me back at the star ship, 'cause man, have I worked up a big, Grunty, Thirst!"
    • In Halo 2 on the level The Oracle, after the Grunt says he has a bad feeling about something, another Grunt says: "You ALWAYS have bad feeling! You had bad feeling about morning food nipple!"
    • The Grunt who mentions Flipyap in Halo 3 also mentions that they "went to nipple academy together".
    • Also in Halo 3, if IWHBYD is turned on, a Grunt may say: "He flees! Thank the nipple...".
    • In Halo Infinite, a grunt can be heard reciting poetry which ends by saying "and by the nipple's saving grace, I didn't end up dead!"

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