BR55 battle rifle

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BR55 battle rifle
H5G Render BR55 Service Rifle.png
Production overview


Misriah Armory

Model series:



Bullpup battle rifle



89.9 centimetres (35.4 in)[1]


3.8 kilograms (8.4 lb)[1]

Ammunition type:

9.5×40mm M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing

Feed system:

36-round magazine


Short-stroke piston, rotating bolt, locked breech

Effective range:

900 meters[2][Note 1]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


"When nothing else gets the job done, the BR55 Battle Rifle will do. As the standard gun for all UNSC forces, the BR55 is the easiest gun to pick up and use. Almost all soldiers have trained with it, making its slight defects less noticeable, while accentuating its high rate of fire and accuracy. With both semi-automatic and burst-fire modes, the BR55 is the backbone of all UNSC armed forces."
Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe

The BR55 Service Rifle,[3] also known as the Monkey Wrench, BR, and the Big Boy,[1] is a UNSC Armed Forces infantry battle rifle.[4] It is notable for its powerful three-round burst fire and accurate 2× scope, making it more efficient at farther ranges than the MA5 series assault rifles.


The BR55 Service Rifle is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, mid-to-long range weapon capable of semi-automatic, fully automatic,[5] and burst-firing modes.[6] The BR55, having a rifled barrel, is 89.9 cm long and is fitted with a scope for increased accuracy. The scope is mounted on the optics rail. The safety is also located above the handle of the weapon. The weapon fires the M634 X-HP-SAP round from a 36-round magazine. Additionally, the weapon features a scope attachment capable of 2× magnification. In addition to its initial role, the BR55 battle rifle can also fulfill the role of a designated marksman rifle.[2]

The BR55 had entered service for the UNSC and already fallen into the hands of the United Rebel Front by December 2525.[7]

The BR55 is an all-round infantry weapon for Marines in Halo 2.


XBR55 Battle Rifle[edit]

Main article: XBR55 battle rifle

Prototypes of the BR55 existed as early as 2524 and were later used in 2525 during the fall of Harvest.

BR55 Heavy Barrel[edit]

Main article: BR55HB battle rifle

The weapon's heavy-barreled variant, the BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, entered service in 2548, superseding the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, which had been steadily phased out in favor of the BR55, in service in all branches of the military with the exception of the Army.[8]



The BR55 has reasonably high power, a decent rate of fire, and high accuracy with an electronic 2× telescopic sights attachment; it can be used to deliver three-round bursts at medium ranges. In multiplayer, three body shots and one head shot will kill a fully shielded opponent, assuming the player does not have an overshield. This weapon will kill an unshielded enemy in a single head shot. Target the head and if you're within range a red dot will appear in your reticule. This requires that only one of the three rounds from a burst actually hit and kill an enemy. Therefore, it is possible to kill up to three unshielded opponents in a single burst if they are grouped close enough to each other, though this is an uncommon occurrence. However, right after you shoot, it is possible to only shoot one round rather than three bullets, with a melee attack to disrupt the burst. Against vehicles like the Wuzum-pattern Spectre or Karo'etba-pattern Ghost, an experienced player can easily take out the driver, rendering the vehicle immobile, however, this is harder with the Warthog.

In Halo 5: Guardians, the BR55 provides a slightly faster weapon switch and reload time compared to the BR85N. Most notably, however, the BR55 has higher bullet magnetism, which allows targets to be hit with less-than-perfect aim.


At longer ranges, it is necessary to minimize strafing movements when firing to avoid "splintering" the shot grouping too much. Since each "shot" is actually a three-round burst, certain movements can break up your shot's grouping, and could greatly reduce accuracy. To avoid this, either swap it in for the Covenant Carbine, or get up to medium range. The Carbine has the same degree of firepower, and it lacks the splitting effect although it is slightly less accurate. This also affects accuracy when firing from a moving vehicle such as a Warthog (especially when firing at a 90-degree angle from the vehicle's heading).

The BR55 is not as effective at long ranges. Each bullet also acts as a tracer which gives away the shooter's position. Also, the range is limited compared to the Sniper Rifle. It is also not effective against Sentinels, and does negligible damage against vehicles. Neither is it an effective weapon at close range, as the low fire rate and average stopping power of the weapon makes any fully-automatic weapon far superior in close-quarters combat.

Compared to most other UNSC firearms, those using the BR55 have access to limited amount of ammo as they can only three spare magazines, not including the loaded magazine in the rifle.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

Main article: Silver Timeline

BR55 battle rifles are used by Silver Team and other UNSC personnel in battles against the Covenant.[9]


  • On the side of the BR55 opposite the charging handle there are two Chinese symbols, "猴王", which translate to "Monkey King".
  • On the level Quarantine Zone in Halo 2, the player can acquire a BR55 from a dead Marine that, when reloaded, can have a total of 236 spare rounds instead of the normal 108 spare rounds.
  • In the Halo 2 E3 Demo, the BR55 was the only weapon shown used in making a melee combo, a feature that was originally meant to be in the final version of the game but was scrapped. It was also shown firing semi-automatically in both the demo and in the E3 2004 multiplayer alpha demo, in which the semi-auto mode was engaged when zoomed.
  • The original cover art of Valentine's Exile by E. E. Knight depicts a man holding a rifle. In the original version of the art, this rifle was a render of the BR55 Service Rifle, obtainable at, that was photoshopped to fit in the image.[10] The illustrator, when confronted about it, claimed that he had found the wireframe model in a CD and gave it a generic appearance. The book has since been republished with the figure holding an XM8.
  • Like the sniper rifle, the BR55 is modeled without a trigger in Halo 2.
  • The 2016 video game Doom features a weapon called the Burst Rifle in multiplayer which features a three-round burst mode and a semi-auto mode when zoomed in, reminiscent of the Halo 2's E3 2003 demo BR55.
  • The real life Kel-Tec RDB and HS Produkt VHS rifles bear a striking resemblance to the BR55.
  • The BR55 was featured in Bungie's 30th anniversary event as the solar pulse rifle BxR-55 Battler in Destiny 2.


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  1. ^ The Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe claims that the BR55 battle rifle has a maximum effective range of 200 meters. However, this figure is unlikely given that most 21st century rifles have an effective range far greater than 200 meters. As such, this article assumes that the BR55 has the same range as its prototype, the XBR55.


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