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Halo: The Television Series Season One

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The first season of Halo: The Television Series premiered on Paramount Plus on March 24, 2022.[1][2] The season is set to have nine episodes.[3]


Episode[1] Image Title[1] Original airdate[1] Notes
1 Silver Team Contact March 24, 2022 Director: Otto Bathurst[4]
2 Vinsher Grath executing Jin Ha loyalists. Unbound March 31, 2022 Director: Otto Bathurst
3 Makee makes a new best friend. Emergence April 7, 2022 Director: Roel Reiné
4 John and Halsey discover the second keystone Homecoming April 14, 2022 Director: Roel Reiné
5 Phantom on Eridanus II Reckoning April 21, 2022 Director: Jonathan Liebesman
6 N/A Solace April 28, 2022 Director: Jonathan Liebesman
7 N/A Inheritance May 5, 2022 Director: Jessica Lowrey
8 N/A Allegiance May 12, 2022 Director: Jonathan Liebesman
9 N/A Transcendence May 19, 2022 Director: Jonathan Liebesman







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Paramount+ UK launch[edit]

To celebrate the launch of Paramount+ (and thus, the television show) in the United Kingdom and other countries, a large Paramount+-themed display was hosted in London. The display included several props from the Halo series, with accompanying lore.[6] The props' descriptive text is archived below.

Master Chief - Mark VI Helmet
  • The Master Chief wears a prototype Mark VI helmet, with legacy MJOLNIR powered assault armor integration handled by a custom firmware written by Dr. Halsey. The helmet extends and enhances the Chief's natural talent for coordination and situational awareness, helping him direct Silver Team to maximum tactical effectiveness.
Kai-125 - Berta helmet
  • Kai's Mk. IV/B helmet was developed alongside a Spartan-specific variation of the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Armor Defense System. Kai has modified her suit with sniper targeting interlinks and "smart shot" interfaces suited for her long-range fighting style.
Riz-028 - Samuel helmet
  • The Mk. IV/S helmet features novel sensor and BIOS improvements co-developed by Riz-028 after her close analysis of Covenant hunter-seekers during the Arcadian campaign. Her work continues to inform the secretive MJOLNIR reconnaissance and surveillance program and its future helmet designs.
Vannak-137 - EOD helmet
  • Vannak's helmet is well-suited for close-range combat in environments saturated with thermobaric munitions or exposed to overpressure from nearby tactical nuclear weapons. Both are situations in which Vannak has perfected his own style of shock-and-awe assaults.
Assault Rifle - MA5 Individual Weapon System - UNSC
  • Master Chief's weapon of choice, the MA5 fires gyroscopically-stabilized armor-piercing high explosive (APHE) rounds optimized to deplete Covenant energy shields and penetrate their nanolaminate armor. It is also ruggedized to be used as an impromptu melee weapon, should the need arise. No effort was spared in its manufacture to guarantee reliability and lethality in all planetary conditions.
Needler - Xenotech Shard Launcher - Covenant
  • Deceptively complicated in its design, the "Needler" is a Covenant infantry weapon prized by Unggoy (Grunts) as it is able to inflict gruesome damage with minimal marksmanship skills. It fires an exotic Subanese crystal of indecipherable composition that "homes in" on living creatures. Multiple shard impacts cause a sympathetic resonance that results in massive explosions.