Watershed Division

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Watershed's emblem. The motto is Latin for "My mind is my sword".

"Mens est mihi gladium meum"
— Watershed division's motto

The Watershed Division is a branch of the Office of Naval Intelligence.


Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the war against the Covenant, the Watershed Division manufactured over 2,000 units of the Semi-Powered Infiltration armor, issued to the Spartan-III supersoldiers, with Ruk Ariaustin acting as the armor's design lead.[1] Starting since 2551, the Watershed Division began to manufacture the M11 combat knife for Spartan use.[2]

Post-War era[edit]

The Watershed Division was responsible for the manufacturing of the Prefect armor variant. The Prefect variant was the product of research on Trevelyan from the discovery of a native armor system, utilized by Forerunner Prefects late into their civilization's history. The Watershed Division used local Huragok to reverse-engineer the original designs, grafting the abandoned armor system into baseline MJOLNIR standards for SPARTAN-IV use.[3] It was tested at Denegroth, West Conamara on Europa.[4]

In 2556, Watershed Division was placed under "Active Investigation" by ONI after the February 7 terrorist attack.[5] Following the Mission to Installation 03, John-117's Mark VI MOD armor received an upgrade from the Watershed Division that brought it into the GEN2 line.[6]





Miscellaneous equipment[edit]


The company had facilities in the following locations:


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