Halo: Nightfall: ONI: Walk the Path

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ONI: Walk the Path is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 2: Sourced From Hell. It depicts Office of Naval Intelligence operatives hacking into a Sedra Environmental Security server to locate the spot of a transaction between smuggler Axl and a terrorist organization.

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Surveillance footage from the Sedran Environmental Security AI has revealed that the null-state container and its contents have made their way into the hands of a Yonhet smuggler named Axl, who seems to be suffering from a sudden crisis of conscience. FIXER is awaiting upload for final processing.


ONI operatives hack into a Sedra Environmental Security database, after searching through a list of human businesses. Taking control of Commander C. Abbas' account, the agent uses surveillance cameras to search a municipal sewer entrance, followed by Morning Lake. The camera detects a lifeform, and a scan reveals it to be a white sturgeon. The agent switches back to the sewer entrance and witnesses Axl walking by. He is declared to be a "severe" threat and a facial scan on him fails, as he turns his head away from the camera before it can be initiated. Additional ambient noises detected are listed as a mourning warbler, the nearby river, and the engine of a Type-25 Spirit dropship. Axl turns his head back to the camera and a facial scan is successfully initiated. His profile appears, and the items he is carrying are listed. Axl begins speaking to himself. A computer translates what he is saying.

  • Axl: "I shouldn't have come. This is their fault. The Sangheili are reckless."

The word "Sangheili" is identified as a keyword.

  • Axl: "Fools. Fools. We're all fools."

Axl crouches to the ground as thermal imaging scan targets him. His satchel is detected to be extremely cold due to its contents.

  • Axl: "Commence the Journey. Walk the Path. Commence the Journey. Walk the Path. The Journey is real. The Journey is true. The Journey is nigh. We will follow the footsteps. The Journey is at hand."

Axl stands up and suddenly hears a noise. The camera also detects the noise and scans for it, but does not receive any results. The noise is calculated to be 29 meters south east of the camera. Suddenly, the ONI operative exits the camera view and removes any record of the SES software breach. All footage is then uploaded and transferred to Fixer.