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Halo: Nightfall Second Stories

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Halo: Nightfall Second Stories were bonus clips originally unlocked through watching episodes of Halo: Nightfall on the Halo Channel. The clips were later put into collections to expand their target audience.

Second Story collections[edit]

Nightfall: Acquisition[edit]

Main article: Nightfall: Acquisition

Classified ONI EYES files reveal the UNSC’s attempts to discern the methods and means by which a deadly new element was collected, trafficked, and ultimately employed against the colonists of Sedra. [1]

Nightfall: Human Element[edit]

Main article: Nightfall: Human Element

Through classified ONI EYES files, this Second Story collection brings you face to face with those most impacted by the deadly attack on the outer colony of Sedra.[2]

Nightfall: Intervention[edit]

Main article: Nightfall: Intervention

Go deep into the classified ONI EYES files that detail the sometimes harsh reality of ONI's constant involvement and meddling to find ever-elusive answers by any means necessary.[3]

List by episode[edit]

The following list details what Second Stories were unlocked in what episode of Halo: Nightfall:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5: