Halo: Nightfall: Indebted Travelers

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Indebted Travelers is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 3: Lifeboat Rules. It features smugglers Arris Le and Haisal Wari debate the risks and realities of their work.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Driven into a life of dangerous smuggling, Alerian colonists Arris Le and Haisal Wari prepare for what might be their most dangerous job yet. With their planet’s economy in turmoil and their families’ welfare on the line though, the reward might just outweigh the risk.


A Bactrian-class freighter flies over the surface of Aleria. Cut to Haisal Wari on the planet's surface, digging in the sand. Arris Le approaches him, with their freighter resting in the background.

  • Haisal Wari: "Do you ever think how our lives would be if the soil was fertile again?"
  • Arris Le: "Those empowered buy up the land. Our problems would just have a new face. Come, it's just over the hill."
  • Haisal Wari: "How many horses are waiting for us?"
  • Arris Le: "One. For each. Remember, the money you receive from the financier is for you to buy your own."

Confused, Wari stands up.

  • Haisal Wari: "That is not what I—"
  • Arris Le: "Read it again, my friend. And from here on out, you must pay close attention."
  • Haisal Wari: "That is an expense I was not prepared for. How much can these horses carry?"
  • Arris Le: "Enough. For what we are needing to do, they can handle it. Trust me. When this is all over, you won't have to worry about that expense."
  • Haisal Wari: "Does the man know that his horses won't come back?"
  • Arris Le: "He's made a business of it. Come, it's just a few more kilometers."

The two depart from their freighter and walk towards their destination.

  • Arris Le: "I must remember to add you to the biometric ignition. If you need to escape without me, you do it. I only ask that you return my share to the financier. Clear my name. I do not want my debt to live longer than me, you understand?"
  • Haisal Wari: "Trust me."

The two shake hands and continue on their way. Wari stays behind for a couple seconds as Le's last words repeat in his head.


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