Bactrian-class freighter

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Bactrian-class freighter
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Tug, transport[1]

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Post-Covenant War conflicts[1]


The Bactrian-class freighter is an interplanetary transport and tug vessel primarily utilized to carry cargo between human colonies. This particular model of colonial tug is widely antiquated but remains in prevalent use on the Outer Colony planet of Aleria as of 2556.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Bactrian-class has no interior spaces apart from a cramped, two-seated cockpit located to the fore of the craft. The freighter is equipped with an autopilot with a biometric scanner for authentication, preventing anyone but the owners or pilots from using the craft.[2] Due to the tug's age, Bactrian-class freighters lack many modern additional systems, such as trans-optic scaling—an augmented navigational system. The tug is equipped with a slipspace drive that is capable of mid-range travel in slipstream space.[1]


These tugs were used by smugglers to transport a unique element from Alpha Shard to Sedra, where a Sangheili Zealot used it in a terrorist attack on Sedra City.[3][4] At the end of the mission to Alpha Shard, the tug belonging to the smugglers Arris Le and Haisal Wari was used by Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke and Private Talitha Macer to escape Alpha Shard.[2]


The Bactrian-class is likely named after the Bactrian camel, a species of camel commonly used as a pack animal.


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