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Sedran Colonial Guard
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Sedra City[1]






Colonial defense force


Colonel Randall Aiken


The Sedran Colonial Guard (SCG), also known as the Sedra Marine Corps, is the primary military force of the remote human Outer Colony of Sedra. They are led by Colonel Randall Aiken, a former SPARTAN-II. Many soldiers in the Sedran Colonial Guard are well-motivated and dedicated to the defense of their homeworld from both internal and external threats. They are able to maintain a vague semblance of order in the planet's dispersed population centers.[1]

Many individuals serving in the Colonial Guard are also noted as being resentful and mistrustful of the UNSC and the Unified Earth Government.[2]


Terrorist attack on Sedra[edit]

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On February 7, 2556, a Sangheili Zealot set off a new bioweapon that targeted humans in Sedra City, resulting in the strange infection of numerous civilians, and some deaths. The Colonial Guard was forced to ally themselves with an Office of Naval Intelligence unit to stop the terrorists from obtaining more of the element used to make the bioweapon.

Mission to Alpha Shard[edit]

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It was discovered that the element originated from a fragment of the destroyed Installation 04 that had exited slipspace in orbit over a red giant star in a nearby system. A team consisting of seven Sedran Guard personnel, led by Colonel Randall Aiken, and ONI personnel travelled to the fragment in a D81-LRT Condor to capture the smugglers who mined the element for interrogation and then destroy the deposits with a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon.[3]

The joint team captured two smugglers—Arris Le and Haisal Wari—but while they were returning to the Condor for extraction, they were attacked by Lekgolo swarms. Two of the Sedrans who were preparing the horses the smugglers were using for transportation were devoured by the Lekgolo; the Condor's pilot was killed as well when the worms commandeered the craft and crashed it, though Private Macer, who served as the copilot, survived. As the Sedrans and ONI agents retreated, another Sedran was killed by the Lekgolo. The surviving Sedrans and ONI agents were able to escape the Lekgolo worms,[4] but it was realized that only two individuals would make it off Alpha Shard due to the Condor being inoperable and the only other means of transport, the smugglers' Bactrian-class freighter, could only hold two. Colonel Aiken told the group to continue on with the mission regardless and retrieve the HAVOK warhead from the Condor. Colonial Guard Sergeant Wisner was later killed after stopping to retrieve her oxygen breather, which had attracted the Lekgolo to it.[5] Only Colonel Aiken, Private Macer and the ONI unit's Lieutenant Commander Locke made it to the Condor where it was decided that Aiken would stay behind to detonate the HAVOK nuke manually. Narrowly escaping on the smugglers' tug, Macer and Locke were the only survivors of the mission.[6]



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After the Human-Covenant War, Sedra's economic stability and the Sedran colonial government's close relationship with the UNSC in regards to military hardware acquisition allowed it to supply the Sedran Colonial Guard with relatively modern military hardware.[7] However, much of this hardware is still inferior to the technology and equipment used by the UNSC Defense Force.[1] In many cases, the Colonial Guard is forced to rely on outdated weapons and vehicles, such as the M4D pistol[8] and the D81-LRT Condor transport.[2][9] However, some of their equipment, including the BR85HB battle rifle, is up to the standard of the post-war UNSC.[3]


  • In Halo: Nightfall, Sedran Colonial Guard troops make use of a real-life 21st Century camouflage called PenCott-BadLands™ made by Helikon-Tex, a Polish textile company specializing in military surplus and outdoor wear.[10]


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