Terrorist attack on Sedra City

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Terrorist attack on Sedra City
The bioweapon spreading beyond Sedra City from Halo: Nightfall.


Post-Covenant War conflicts


February 7, 2556,[1] shortly after 0921 Sedran time[2]


Sedra City, Sedra, Orrichon system


Terrorist attack is successful
  • Axl is captured

United Nations Space Command

Unidentified terrorist organization


Lt. Commander Jameson Locke

Unidentified Sangheili Zealot


Locke's team


Two members of Locke's team and 231 civilians hospitalized

Unidentified Sangheili Zealot


A terrorist attack on Sedra City was carried out by an unidentified Sangheili Zealot on February 7, 2556. Although an ONI team led by Lt. Commander Jameson Locke tracked and attempted to stop the Zealot, they were unable to prevent the attack. Locke's team and the Sedran Colonial Guard collaborated to stop the terrorists from obtaining more of the element used to create the bioweapon. They traced the origin of the element to a partly intact segment of Installation 04, which had attempted an emergency slipspace jump during its destruction years earlier.[3]

The attack[edit]

On February 7, 2556, an ONI team led by Lt. Commander Locke was dispatched to the distant human colony Sedra to investigate terrorist activity. While patrolling the outskirts of Sedra City, the team spotted a Yonhet smuggler named Axl supplying a Sangheili Zealot with a stasis refrigerant. While Agent Ramos apprehended Axl, Locke, Horrigan, and Estrin pursued the Sangheili. Locke chased the Sangheili into a city access tunnel while Horrigan and the rest of the unit headed directly to the city. After a brief skirmish inside the access tunnel, the Zealot escaped into a Sedran mall with Locke pursuing him. As the Sangheili prepared to activate the bioweapon, Locke jumped on top of the Zealot, disabled the alien's energy shielding, and wounded him with his M6H magnum. Locke attempted to force the Sangheili to surrender, but the Zealot jumped off a ledge and activated the bioweapon instead, killing himself in the process.[4]

Many humans throughout the city began showing signs of infection, including Locke's fellow operatives Jordan Gaines and Mason Hundley. The unit went to the Sedra Colonial Guard Hospital, where Locke and the uninfected members of his unit went through a decontamination process. After searching the freighter used to transport the bioweapon to Sedra, Locke and his unit witnessed Colonel Randall Aiken brutally interrogating Axl. However, speaking in the former Covenant's trade pidgin, Locke was able to persuade Axl into revealing what he knew of the origins of the element used in the bioweapon.[4]


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