Alistair Estrin

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Alistair Estrin
Alistair Estrin at a Misriah Munitions Training Range in Eos Chasma, Mars. From Halo: Nightfall: Seed of Honor.
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Greater Czechoslovakian Authority, Earth[1]




February 2556

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Office of Naval Intelligence


Petty officer, second class[1]


Petty Officer, Second Class Alistair Bov Estrin was an Office of Naval Intelligence Section III agent who served in a team led by Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke.[2]


Early life[edit]

Alistair Bov Estrin was born on Earth, in Greater Czechoslovakian Authority, in 2534. He grew up during the height of the Human-Covenant War and was eager to enlist in the UNSC for a chance to do his part in the fight against the Covenant. To his severe disappointment, the war ended just as he came of age to enlist. Despite this, he joined the Office of Naval Intelligence as a field agent, hoping to undertake the most dangerous and unpredictable missions the UNSC had to offer.[1]

Sedra and Alpha Shard[edit]

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On February 7, 2556, the ONI unit to which Estrin belonged was deployed to the Outer Colony of Sedra to investigate local terrorist activity, only to uncover a plot to unleash a biological weapon which specifically targeted humans. Forced to cooperate with the Sedran Colonial Guard, the team tracked the bioweapon down to a fragment of Installation 04 that had been sent orbiting a nearby red giant by an emergency slipspace jump years prior. They would use the Colonial Guard's Condor dropship to travel to the Halo fragment, capture the smugglers who were mining the exotic element used to create the bioweapon, and destroy the deposits of the element.[3]

Upon their arrival on the fragment, the group caught two smugglers and prepared to evacuate. However, a Lekgolo swarm unexpectedly commandeered and crashed their Condor, forcing them to travel to the dropship on foot to retrieve the HAVOK nuclear device and destroy the deposits. However, only two individuals would make if off the ring fragment due to the destruction of the Condor and the smugglers' tug only having room for two. Furthermore, the mission was complicated by the Lekgolo swarms hunting the group, which could sense active technology. While the group was traversing a cliff to reach the crashed Condor, Estrin was approached by Gregory Ramos who proposed the two ally and make their way to the smugglers' tug to save themselves. During the exchange, Estrin slipped off the edge of the cliff and begged Ramos to help him; however, Ramos instead let him fall to his death.[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

The youngest member of Locke's team, Estrin was a competitive and sarcastic individual.[2] He joined ONI in part because its field of work matched his risk-taking personality, as well as his aspiration to become a "secret agent".[1]

Production notes[edit]

Estrin is portrayed in Halo: Nightfall by Alexander Bhat.[5]


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