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"Condor" is the name applied to a line of heavy transports used by numerous operators, including the UNSC and colonial militias such as the Sedran Colonial Guard.


The Condor is a long range transport. Visually similar to the Pelican, the Condor is closer in role to the D82-EST Darter and the D96-TCE Albatross. Though, the major differentiating factor between all of them is that the Condor possesses a Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine.[1]


D80 Condor[edit]

D81 Condor[edit]

  • D81WP Condor - A version of the D81 that retains the original Pelican chaingun.[1]
  • U81 Condor - Unofficial designation of an ONI upgraded version of the Condor.[1]
  • G81 Heavy Gunship - An unofficial variant of the Condor equipped with heavy weaponry.[2]

Related vehicles[edit]

  • Pelican - The Pelican is visually similar to the Condor and even shares the same frame from. This often earns the Condor the name "Fat Pelican" or "SuperPelican".[1]