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Halo: Saturn Devouring His Son

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Keyart for the Halo Waypoint Chronicle Halo: Saturn Devouring His Son.
Keyart for the short story.

Halo: Saturn Devouring His Son is the fourth entry in the Halo Waypoint Chronicle series of short stories produced by 343 Industries. The story was released on October 31, 2023 to celebrate Halloween. The short depicts an operation by a Spartan Flood containment Fireteam, first hinted at in the final intel drop of Halo Infinite Season 04: Infection, and to coincide with the Flood-themed customisation of Season 05: Reckoning.[1] The short story was first teased at the Halo World Championships 2023, at the Canon Fodder Live panel on October on the first day of the tournament alongside several other stories.[2]

The short story's title is a reference to the famous painting of the same name. It follows the Halo: Evolutions short story The Mona Lisa in being a Flood horror-themed story named after a famous classical painting, in this regard.

Official synopsis[edit]

2556. A partnership between the United Nations Space Command and Imbrium Machine Complex serves a vital role in rebuilding UNSC fleets by mining the vast asteroid belt of a gas giant.

When an unexpected discovery is made by a civilian survey team, the promise of a retirement-grade payday and the hubris of a UNSC captain results in an ancient terror being unleashed.[3]



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