Sigrid Eklund's field notes

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Sigrid Eklund's field notes on the Morrigan helmet.

The field notes are a marketing promotion created by 343 Industries to promote the Alpha Pack event of Season 02 of Halo Infinite multiplayer. They consist of a number of in-universe notes collated by Spartan-IV Sigrid Eklund on the various pieces of canon armor and equipment available for players to unlock on the Rakshasa armor core.[1]


Morrigan helmet[edit]

Sigrid Eklund's field notes on the Morrigan helmet cover how Naphtali Contractor Corporation managed to reverse engineer Banished sensors for it, and Eklund speculates that they might be the same ones Jiralhanae Stalkers use. The notes also detail that Eklund gets asked a lot about the reliability of alien technology in the helmet, so she explains that Frederic-104 tested the prototype,[1] which is actually the case.[2]

UA/CMA SN5 Type 11[edit]

Spartan Eklund's field notes on the UA/CMA SN5 Type 11 shoulder pads detail how the shoulders were part of the Colonial Military Authority surplus, and how that sort of equipment was considered popular with the Venezian Militia. The notes also go over a little history on the CMA, and how they were assigned to deal with pirates, marauders, and insurgents.[3] Lastly, the notes explain that they were lightweight and durable, as well as questioning if they were actually sourced from Venezia, and to ignore the "tape job" on them.[4]

Trapmaster's Map Device[edit]

Spartan Eklund's field notes on the Trapmaster's Map Device details on the the device's usefulness when a Spartan is going low-tech.[5]


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