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Sigrid Eklund
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Sigrid Eklund is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier serving under Commander Laurette Agryna.[3]


Military service[edit]

Sigrid Eklund served in the UNSC Army Rangers during the Human-Covenant War, working behind the lines on Covenant-occupied worlds alongside human resistance groups.[1] Her experience in this role saw her recruited into the SPARTAN-IV program after the war. By December 11, 2554 Eklund was attached to Fireteam Crimson, where she excelled during Operations BELLINGHAM and LATE TAXI; Jun-A266 recommended Eklund to Musa Ghanem for more isolated endeavors. At some point, she met Spartan Hieu Dinh during the Vihar collapse.[4][2]

Eklund saw action in the Created conflict, during which time she was deployed against the Banished.[2]


Between 2559 and 2560, Spartans Dinh and Eklund were deployed into a former UNSC fleet depot turned into a Banished shipbreaking yard on Camber during the Created conflict.[1] After watching the operation for two days, both Spartans discovered Iratus, the first Banished AI in existence, alongside an archive with the entire Banished operation on the planet. Eklund and Dinh were discovered by Banished forces and managed to hijack a Banished Phantom, but Iratus followed them into their hijacked Phantom, threatening their escape. To have a chance to escape, Dinh allowed Iratus to infect his Neural interface, leaving him in a comatose state.[5]


Eklund managed to bring the Phantom into the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, where she informed Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna about their mission on Camber and the events behind Dinh's situation.[5] During a target practice, she would met one of the Spartans who saved Dinh's live, and gave to her Spartan comrade lessons about how the Lone Wolves operate.[4]


Eklund employs the Mjolnir Rakshasa armor with a Stribog helmet.[1] She also maintains a series of field notes detailing experiences and interactions with other UNSC personnel and the various equipment she encounters.


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