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Sigrid Eklund
Sigrid Eklund at the firing range at the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science.
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"I'd like to see what you can do, when the only one who has your you."
— Sigrid Eklund to a Spartan recruit[5]

Sigrid Eklund is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier serving under Commander Laurette Agryna.[6]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Sigrid Eklund served in the UNSC Army Rangers during the Human-Covenant War, working behind the lines on Covenant-occupied worlds alongside human resistance groups.[2] In December 2551, Sergeant Eklund and her Army Rangers were deployed to support the UNSC's defense of Concord. On December 6, Ekulund's troops managed to neutralize the Covenant's last emplacement in the Caravelle province, with two M9 Wolverines being lost to Banshees in the process. After this skirmish, Eklund and her Rangers planned to move out and rendezvous with local Concordian militia groups at a mass driver station, hoping that the militias would welcome them. On this same day, Eklund sent a communique to Commander Renna summarizing these events and requesting information on activity reported at the combat fields outside of Lethbridge the day prior.[3][4]

Becoming a Spartan[edit]

Eklund's experience in the Army Rangers saw her recruited into the SPARTAN-IV program after the war. By December 11, 2554 Eklund was attached to Fireteam Crimson, where she excelled during operations BELLINGHAM and LATE TAXI. Following these assignments, Jun-A266 recommended Eklund to Musa Ghanem for more isolated endeavors. At some point, she met Spartan Hieu Dinh during the Vihar collapse.[5][3][4]

Sigrid Eklund and Hieu Dinh on Camber
Eklund and Dinh in the Banished shipbreaking yard.


During the Created conflict, between 2559 and 2560, Spartans Eklund and Dinh were deployed to one of several Banished shipbreaking yards in the Chiltift Basin on Camber.[2][3][4] This particular facility was a former UNSC fleet depot housing the hull of FFG-201 and taken under Banished control.[2] Eklund and Dinh began scouting out the location, using intermittent dust storms as cover. At some point, the two Spartans spilt up and Eklund began to believe that there was something more going on at the shipbreaking facility.[3][4] After watching the operation for two days, both Spartans discovered Iratus, the first Banished AI in existence, alongside an archive detailing the entirety of Banished operations on the moon. Eklund and Dinh were discovered by Banished forces and managed to hijack an Eklon'Dal Workshop Phantom, but Iratus followed them into their hijacked Phantom, threatening their escape. To have a chance to escape, Dinh allowed Iratus to infect his neural interface, leaving him in a comatose state.[7]


Eklund managed to bring the Phantom into the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, where she informed Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna about their mission on Camber and the events behind Dinh's situation.[7] During a target practice, she would met one of the Spartans who saved Dinh's live, and gave to her Spartan comrade lessons about how the Lone Wolves operate.[5] Following Spartan Dinh's recovery, the two met to talk about Iratus and the traumatic memories he forced Dinh to relive. Eklund comforted him and urged him to ignore Iratus's words. She then introduced Dinh to one of the Spartan recruits who helped save his life.[1]


Eklund employs the Mjolnir Rakshasa armor with a Stribog helmet equipped with the HUL-I/RS/ROSEKEY. She wore the SAP/HVISTLA PLATING on her right shoulder and the IRONGRIP RAILS shoulder pad on her left one. She also wore the FCI-I/SPDR/TRAPDOOR chest attachment, the XCUDO NXS on both wrists and the XCUDO KNEX on both knees.[2] On multiple occasions, Eklund has been seen wielding an MA40 assault rifle equipped with the Power Projection coating.[1][7]

Production notes[edit]

Sigrid Eklund is voiced by Camilla Arfwedson.[8]


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