Lethbridge Combat Fields

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Lethbridge Combat Fields is a testing site in Lethbridge, Corsica, on the planet Concord that is utilized by Lethbridge Industrial. Several variants of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2) manufactured by Lethbridge Industrial were tested at this site.[1]


On December 5, 2551, during the UNSC's defense of Concord, Covenant activity was witnessed at the Lethbridge Combat Fields. Sergeant Sigrid Eklund of the UNSC Army Rangers was informed of the event and contacted Commander Renna the next day asking for additional information on the activity and if her troops should reprioritize their focus to secure the combat fields.[2]

During the Created uprising in late 2558, Created-controlled Guardian Custodes attacked Concord. At this time, the MK12T2 TRAILWATCH CBRN module was undergoing certification at the Combat Fields, and had just reached certification prior to the attack.[3]

Products tested[edit]

GEN2 suits tested[edit]

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