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Three varieties of Sangheili harness.

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Sangheili harness refers to a wide variety of armor systems used by the Sangheili soldiers of the Covenant during its time and its splinter groups. The differences between harnesses depend on rank, function, or style. Some harnesses are used by Sangheili of many ranks, while others are more restricted.[1]

Though the combat harness is only one variant among many other Sangheili harnesses, the term "combat" is sometimes used off-handedly in a synecdochical manner when referring to other Sangheili harnesses, as the combat harness is the most basic, well-known, and widespread armor variant.[2][3]

Design details[edit]

One type of techsuit used under the harness.

High-ranking Sangheili may choose between a standard or ornamental design.[4][5] Gold coloration is universally associated with field command authority.[6][7][8] The Sangheili harness is almost always equipped with energy shielding, with some variants featuring enhanced shields.[9] It also boosts the speed and strength of its user, though it remains less effective than the human-made MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[10]


The Covenant Empire originally applied a fairly structured coding for both combat and ceremonial roles—with Sangheili-derived livery choices subsisting on the margin.[1] After the empire's collapse, the armor color coding loosened significantly.[8] In 2525, science lances were dispatched to the Chi Ceti system by the Prophet of Regret to study captured technology and equipment from the Damascus Testing Facility.[11] Their efforts were presumably unsuccessful, as the facility was held and continued to develop new MJOLNIR armor variants throughout the Human-Covenant War[12] and in the years that followed.[13]

Human design attempts[edit]

After the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC, ONI and various private corporations started developing a number of armor permutations based on Sangheili armor technology for the MJOLNIR (GEN2) platform. This was done either by cooperating with human-allied Sangheili—like those from the Swords of Sanghelios—, or by independent research, testing, and reverse-engineering, sometimes bordering on disrespect for safety protocols.

The ANUBIS-class helmet's enhanced sensor suite was developed in collaboration with Sangheili, though ONI security paranoia has slowed technology integration.[14] The COPPERHEAD's external appearance and heads-up display bear Sangheili features, though it was not built from Sangheili technology properly. This Mjolnir variant is for militarized anthropology, including xenoanthropology.[14] The FREEBOOTER's seamless nanofabricated armor panels hint at a Sangheili trade link. It is produced by Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme.[14] The VALKYRIE-class Mjolnir is fully compatible with all known human and Covenant flight systems alike.[14]

Sangheili-sourced high-tier nanolaminates and scanning elements make the Dauntless sensor grid and faceplate outrageously expensive even by Watershed Division standards.[14] The Saturnine VISR hardware is fully compatible with Sangheili combat harness power and data feeds, leading some to believe it is intended for export.[14]

The HELIOSKRILL was developed by a Sangheili artisan-armorer prodigy who managed to crack through the MJOLNIR platform thanks to her skill. This Mjolnir variant is produced by Kolaar Manufactorum. The name comes from a predatory creature from Sanghelios.[14]


Political harnesses[edit]

Specialty harnesses[edit]

Religious order harnesses[edit]

Human designed harnesses[edit]


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