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This article is about the Sangheili group. For the practices involving asceticism in general, see asceticism.
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Ideological control/enforcement, exegetics, applied hermeneutics, philology[1]





Ministry of Abnegation (Formerly)[1]


The Ascetics are an order of warriors within the Sangheili culture with deep ties to ancient beliefs.[4] They were fervent and defended the purity of their faith.[1] They maintained their own military force, the Ascetic Guards.[4]


A post-War of Beginnings Ascetic temple, laying in ruins circa 2558.[2][3]

Ancient history[edit]

Prior to the formation of the Covenant, the Ascetics were an order of religiously devout Sangheili.[4][1]

Following the War of Beginnings, one of the terms of the Writ of Union was the dissolution of the military component of their order,[4][5] Ascetic Guard.[1][4] The Guard were reconstituted as an organization under the authority of the San'Shyuum-controlled Ministry of Abnegation.[1] As well, part of the Writ of Union allowed select ascetic priests to worship at the Spire of Miatistina on Suban, but this was rarely honored over the centuries.[6]

Ascetic priests continued to recruit worthy Sangheili warriors into their order with the intentions of keeping the ideals alive within the Covenant.[5][4] Ascetics would then construct new temples and homes in, what was at the time, a desert on Sanghelios. These structures would be abandoned for unknown reasons by 2558.[2][3]

Great Schism[edit]

With the return of the Sangheili's sovereignty[7] in the Great Schism, the Ascetic Guards were revived in part by Usze 'Taham.[5][8] The Ascetics would go on to fight the remaining San'Shyuum and Jiralhanae.[1]


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Following the dissolution of the Covenant, 'Taham would continue to assist the ascetics.[5] The ascetics would ask him to be their liason within the navy.[9]

At least one member of the Ascetics was present with the Swords of Sanghelios during their peace talks with Lydus' clan in 2558, though the efforts were soiled when the delegates were attacked and the Ascetic warrior was killed.[10] Ascetic temples by 2558, would also be bustling with life, similarly to the Zealots.[2]


The Ascetic Guards[4] use a unique, ancient design of harness which incorporates a fully enclosed helmet and a traditional bladed mandible guard.



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