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Oracle Master




Joyous Exultation Covenant


Political advisers

Notable individuals:

Parala 'Ahrmonro


Oracle Master is a Covenant Sangheili title. It is not given to members of the Covenant military and thus is currently among the only known "civilian" titles for Sangheili.


Oracle Master is an office of duty amidst the Covenant High Council; customarily, a Sangheili particularly knowledgeable in religious and political affairs is made the personal adviser of a Hierarch or a high-ranking military official. Oracle Masters also serve aboard ships,[1] serving as data gatherers, advisors/mentors, and religious leaders.

It is known that an Oracle Master served as adviser to high ranked officials including the Prophet of Regret, Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree, and aboard other vessels in the Sangheili fleet.[2]

The only known Oracle Master, Parala 'Ahrmonro, is described as old, but fiercely intelligent. Beyond that, little else is known about the rank, or the Elite who holds it.

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