Heretic Sangheili Minor

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Heretic Sangheili Minor
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Sesa 'Refumee's heretic faction



The Heretic Sangheili Minor was the basic Heretic Sangheili rank attainable for Sangheili serving in Sesa 'Refumee's heretic faction.[1][2] They were distinguished from Sangheili belonging to the Covenant by their bronze-colored armor and the fin-like protrusions attached to the back of their armor. Like their Covenant counterparts, they often led small groups of Heretic Unggoy.[1][2]


Previously part of the Covenant's artifact retrieval group, the Heretic Sangheili Minors were fearless warriors led by Sesa 'Refumee, along with the other heretic castes. They assisted 'Refumee in fortifying the their base of operations by adding Type-27 Shades as well as providing aerial patrols with their Type-26 Banshees.

Most, if not all, were killed when the Gas mine fell into the depths of Threshold, after the Arbiter cut the cables holding the mine above Threshold.[1][2]


Heretic Minors are the easiest Heretics to deal with (other than Heretic Unggoy). They are equipped with Covenant Carbines, or Plasma Rifles, and may on rare occasions wield energy swords.[1][2]

Heretic Minors may make any of several tactical errors, such as running forward into enemy fire, or walking into an ally's line of fire. Most Minors will stand still while firing, which can give the player time to attack. They will often be found unaware of the player's approach.


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