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This article is about the Shade turret model introduced in Halo 2. For other models of Shade turret, see Shade.
Eeo'Pimu-pattern Gun Pod
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Production information


Assembly Forges[1]

Product line:


Technical specifications


2.6 metres (8.5 ft)[1]


2.1 metres (6.9 ft)[1]


1.8 metres (5.9 ft)[1]


230.4 kilograms (508 lb)[1]


2 rapid-fire plasma cannons[1]


1 gunner


In service:

Human-Covenant War
Great Schism
Post-Covenant War conflicts




Sesa 'Refumee's heretic faction


The Eeo'Pimu-pattern Gun Pod,[1] (UNSC Type classification: Type-27 Anti-Infantry Stationary Gun, T-27 ASG) is a Covenant anti-infantry gun turret and one of several turret models commonly identified as Shades.[2][3]


Design details[edit]

The Eeo'Pimu design consists of two small plasma cannons surrounded by a frontal plasma shield atop an anti-gravity mount. The design features no armour around the sides, back or top of the turret, making it extremely vulnerable to enemy fire from most directions. However, this weakness is offset by the Eeo'Pimu's portability; the turret is small and light enough to be self-deployed and manned by Unggoy soldiers, making it the lightest of all Shade variations in use.[1]

The Eeo'Pimu's armament consists of two rapid-fire plasma cannons, similar to the Type-44 heavy plasma cannon employed by Ru'swum-pattern Phantoms.[3] These weapons are subject to restrictions placed by San'Shyuum munitions-cyphers of the old Covenant empire - something Sangheili manufacturers have begun to reverse in the post-war era.[4]


The Eeo'Pimu-pattern Shade was primarily developed for Covenant Special Operations units and select fleets serving under specific Hierarch mandate. During the Human-Covenant War it was employed in particular by those forces serving the Prophet of Regret, and was seen throughout his various campaigns.[1] Numerous specimens were employed by the Fleet of Particular Justice, and were deployed alongside a special task force led by Sesa 'Refumee to the Threshold gas mine, and were ultimately used by his rebellion as air defences against Covenant aircraft.[5] They were later deployed by the Prophet of Regret's forces in the Battle for Earth and Battle of Installation 05.[6][7]

In the post-war era, the turret's lightweight and easily-portable nature have seen it proliferated throughout human space for use by human insurrectionists.[3] Achoem Weapons ultimately went on to produce the Bmur'resh-pattern of Shade based on the Eeo'Pimu design during the Blooding Years.[4]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 2[edit]

  • The frontal plasma shield is very effective in protecting the gunner from projectile fire, so throw Anskum-pattern plasma grenades to destroy it.
  • When an Elite mans the turret, its head can be seen protruding above the plasma shield. Use a scoped weapon to take it out by headshots.
  • In the beginning section of the level Delta Halo, use the Shades scattered around in the area to take down the approaching Phantom's plasma cannons as well as the deployed Covenant infantry.


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