Sho'riru-pattern Shade

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Sho'riru-pattern Gun Pod
Production information


Achoem Weapons[1]

Product line:




Technical specifications


14.9 feet (4.5 m)[1]


10.5 feet (3.2 m)[1]


8.5 feet (2.6 m)[1]


823.7 pounds (373.6 kg)[2]

Ammunition type:

Superheated plasma


1 gunner


In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


Anti-infantry, anti-air, anti-armor


Jul 'Mdama's Covenant


The Sho'riru-pattern Gun Pod,[3] (UNSC Type classification: Type-55 Anti-Infantry Stationary Gun, T-55 ASG) is a Covenant anti-infantry gun turret and one of the emplacements generally identified as Shades.[4]

Design details[edit]

The Type-55 Shade has surpassed all other Shade models in terms of performance. Its single rapid-fire medium plasma cannon features an advanced energy channel design that appears to be an inventive miniaturization of the plasma compression systems that were previously seen only on the weapon batteries of capital ships in the Covenant fleet. The T-55 ASG's design is similar to that of the T-29 Anti-Infantry Stationary Gun, also manufactured by Achoem Weapons. The cannon and the anti-gravity turret mechanism are both powered by a ruggedized fusion coil embedded in the base of the Shade.[2] Like the T-29, the T-55 ASG is mounted on a tripod, with the operator seated on top. As with the T-29, the T-55's operator can rotate the turret a full 360 degrees, but is left highly exposed to enemy fire. The T-55 Shade has a considerably higher rate of fire than the T-29, though it lacks the T-29's mobility.[5]

The Type-55 Shade is designed to quickly cut down enemy infantry, as well as provide anti-air and anti-armor support as its secondary function. The Shade is capable of firing an effectively unlimited barrage of superheated plasma bolts at targets, which then provides direct and suppressive fire. Although the Type-55 Shade's fusion coil cannot indefinitely power the turret, the coil does actuate the Shade's systems far longer than the span of most engagements. The Shade has a long range of fire, its accuracy depreciates at greater ranges. The turrets are often operated by Unggoy.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Jul 'Mdama's Covenant makes extensive use of the T-55 Shade and fielded the weapon during the Battle of Requiem, and later during the Requiem Campaign in 2557 and 2558, respectively.[5] UNSC analysts believe that the Shade turrets employed by the faction are maintained or produced by skilled weapons technicians among their ranks, since Shade turrets captured on Requiem do not have the manufacturing sigils used by Achoem workshops.[2]


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