Plasma beam laser

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Plasma beam lasers (alternatively simply referred to as plasma beams[1] and beam lasers[2][3])[Note 1] are a a kind of point-defence weapon employed by the starships of the Covenant and its remnants. They are generally paired with dedicated augur arrays.[1]

Although similarly-named, plasma beams should not be confused with pulse laser turrets; another kind of Covenant point-defence weapon used on their warships. The primary difference is their method of operation - pulse laser turrets have a fairly low rate-of-fire, whereas plasma beams are a plasma weapon emitted as a continuous beam. Similarly, Covenant plasma beam emitters are similarly-named, though are instead capital warship-grade weapons operating in a similar manner to plasma lances.[1]


Pok-pattern beam laser

The Pok-pattern beam laser is primarily used on the Zanar-pattern light cruiser, which entered service in the Sixth Age of Conflict.[3] These emitters are placed on the ship's underside and paired with dedicated augurs, and are used for picking off targets of opportunity.[2]

Pol Naran-pattern beam laser

The Pol Naran-pattern beam laser is a beam laser employed on Sangheili vestige warships, including the Rwaru-pattern carrack which entered service in The Former Age.[4]


  1. ^ While the term "plasma beam laser" is never explicitly used in any official Halo media release, the term is used here as a combination of the terms "plasma beam" and "beam laser", which are alternatingly used throughout the various releases cited on this page.


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