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111 Tauri system


111 Tauri






Victoria was a Unified Earth Government colony world in the 111 Tauri system. The planet was densely forested and sparsely populated.[1][2]


Around 2531, Victoria was briefly taken over by the United Rebel Front. The URF forces on the planet were led by General Howard Graves. The insurgents were based in Camp New Hope, a camp controlled by the Insurrectionists.[1][2] In 2531, the United Rebel Front contacted the UNSC and offered to trade their stolen nuclear weapons in exchange for medicines for their people suffering from Boren's Syndrome. SPARTAN-II Blue Team infiltrated Camp New Hope, however they were ambushed and captured by the rebels, whom had anticipated the Spartans' raid on the planet. However, the rebels were unaware of Kurt-051's presence and he was able to free the other members of Blue Team. Graves was killed in during the resulting skirmish and the Spartans retreated from the camp with the recovered warheads.[3] At some point, the UNSC retook the world from URF-control.[2]

Shortly after the SPARTAN-IIs' raid on Victoria, contact with the planet and the 111 Tauri system was lost. The UNSC remained unaware of the planet's fate.[2]


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