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i edit here and there. my main editing hub is the warrior cats wiki for 11 years.

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Hey - if you want any page move requests doing I'd recommend going to this page and logging a request, and I can go through and bot the changes. Alternatively, feel free to join our Discord, as communication is a lot easier there.


Hi, when adding new information from the encyclopedia please remember to follow our modern citation guidelines. Thanks.


Sorry, here's the Waypoint source lol: [1]


Make sure to include citations on the Sesa 'Refumee page if you can. At least site just the Encyclopedia itself if you can't include a page number. Also, the Waypoint article did say Sanghelios, but we should go with what the Encyclopedia says. Waypoint source: [1]


Thanks. I forgot that messages still follow wiki templates. This is how it will look while you're editing: [[2493#April|April 17, 2493]]