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This article describes the warship. For the musical piece, see Spirit of Fire (music).
Spirit of Fire
UNSC Spirit of Fire (CFV-88).png
Production information


Phoenix-class support vessel (modified colony ship)


  • Transport of colonists and terraforming equipment (pre-conversion)
  • Orbital support of planetary forces, repair and supply of an orbiting fleet (post-conversion)


2,500 metres (8,200 ft)[1]


800 metres (2,600 ft)[2]


Eight thruster units

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Titanium-A armor


A total of 11,000 personnel [3]

Subsidiary craft

Ground vehicles


Service information

Year introduced:

2473, refit for military service 2520



Participated battles:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


Third Fleet

Noteworthy crewmembers:

Known commanders:

CAPT James Cutter



"Exitus Acta Probat (The Outcome Justifies the Deed)"
—The ship's motto[5]

UNSC Spirit of Fire (hull classification symbol CFV-88) was a Phoenix-class support vessel in service with the UNSC Navy. Built in 2473, Spirit of Fire was actually a heavily modified colony ship.[4] In 2531 her commanding officer was Captain James Cutter and her primary shipboard AI was Serina.


Pre-war service

The Spirit of Fire's Ship Emblem.

The Spirit of Fire was originally a colony ship, transporting colonists as well as equipment such as hydroponics, atmosphere generators, and prefabricated schools, in the UNSC's expansion efforts.[6]

More than fifty years after being constructed, it was recommissioned and refitted for military service prior to the period of history known as the Human-Covenant War. The last civilian captain of the Spirit of Fire was Captain Alexander, who had retired from active duty in the year 2520, on the 20th of July, after visiting the world of Verent. Directly after Alexander's retirement, the vessel was requisitioned by the UNSC and scheduled for refit in order to better prepare it for the combat operations in which it would participate.[7]

The ship was refitted with three Magnetic Accelerator Cannons[5] and other armaments to serve as a warship. Huge storage bays that used to house machine parts now carry everything from M12 Warthogs and M808B Scorpions to construction supplies for fire bases involved in front line engagements or in rearguard actions and repair equipment for herself and other ships and crew. In 2530 the Spirit of Fire's thrust assemblies were replaced from the destroyer UNSC Calcutta, increasing output by 37%.[6]

Human-Covenant War

The Spirit of Fire took part in the Harvest Campaign as part of Battlegroup D of Admiral Cole's Third Fleet,[8] providing ground forces with supplies, reinforcements, vehicle support, orbital MAC strikes, air support and more, giving it a major role in the battle.

The Spirit of Fire being pulled into the Shield World.

After the events on Harvest, the Spirit of Fire arrived at the planet Arcadia, where it assisted in the evacuation of civilians, and the eradication of the Covenant from the planet's surface. When Professor Anders was captured by the Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee, the Spirit of Fire quickly gave chase, following the Arbiter's flagship to an unknown planet in the Korinth Prior system.[9] This planet eventually turned out to be a Forerunner Shield World, containing a fleet of Forerunner warships. To ensure that the Covenant would not be able to use these warships against humanity, the reactor that powered the Spirit of Fire's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine was detonated inside the Shield World's artificial sun by Sergeant John Forge. The ship managed to escape the exploding Forerunner installation, but without a functioning slipspace drive, the journey home would take many years, if not decades. Most of the crew entered cryonic sleep at this point, with only a skeleton crew remaining active to run the ship.[7]

Stranded in space

On February 10, 2534,[10] the Spirit of Fire, previously designated as "missing", was declared "lost with all hands" by the UNSC. The reason for this change was kept top secret. A memorial service was held for the people aboard the vessel, but many of the crew's family members chose not to attend, holding out hope that their loved ones were still alive.[7]

After the Human-Covenant War's conclusion, the Spirit of Fire was honored at the dedication of the living monument, along with numerous other ships that had been lost with all hands during the war.[11]

Flood invasion

The Spirit of Fire drifting through space.

Despite the measures imposed by the Chief Medical Officer O'Neil, at least one Flood infection form managed to infiltrate the ship at some point. Six years later in 2537, the infection form came into contact with one of the ship's technicians, infecting her and spreading the Flood infection to other crew members in cryo-sleep. In response, the now-rampant Serina imposed quarantine on the ship's cryo bays in an effort to study the parasite, inadvertently allowing the Flood to mature further from within. The Flood sought to escape confinement, forcing Jerome-092 to exterminate all infected crew and with the aid of Professor Anders went on to erase all remaining traces of the Flood parasite aboard the Spirit of Fire.

In the aftermath of the incident, Serina initiated her retirement from service and after composing a final status report that was to be left to Captain Cutter, finally self-terminated.

Around the same time, the Spirit of Fire had reached an unknown multiple star system and was drifting near a terrestrial planet.[12]

Supposed rediscovery

In March 2558 the freighter, Pilgrims Pride, was carrying several AC-220 Vultures and AV-22 Sparrowhawks that were previously attached to the Spirit of Fire.[13] The Pilgrims Pride launched a surprise attack on the UNSC Infinity and attempted to self-destruct inside the Infinity's bay. The Spartans managed to eject the freighter out of the bay. They also saved the Pilgrims Pride from total destruction by removing its exploding core. After recovering the remains of the attacking Vultures and Sparrowhawks, the crew used the ID numbers on the hulls to identify the ships as belonging to the Spirit of Fire. Confusing matters, the crew discovered that Pilgrims Pride had been constructed only five years earlier. While Commander Palmer speculated that the assault craft may have been stolen from the Spirit of Fire before the ship was lost, Roland pointed out that the assault craft were in fairly good condition for their age. Roland also determined that the freighter itself had been launched from Oth Lodon, a gas giant deep inside Jiralhanae-controlled space.[14]

Despite the diplomatic risks, Lord Hood, who felt guilty over his role in the Spirit of Fire's disappearance, ordered the Infinity to investigate. When they arrived at the coordinates, they found not the Spirit but Shipmaster Vata 'Gajat's ship, which was docked to a massive glassing cannon. Captain Daniel Clayton contacted the Infinity, revealing himself to be aligned with the New Colonial Alliance. Intending to exact revenge on Lord Hood, Clayton fired three massive energy beams at the Infinity.[14] However, five SPARTAN-IVs managed to enter the station, stop Clayton and used the cannon to destroy 'Gajat's flagship.[12]

Installation 00

The Spirit of Fire arrives at the Ark.
Main article: Battle of Installation 00 (2559)
"The story of the Spirit of Fire was not yet finished"
Curator on the disappearance of the UNSC Spirit of Fire[5]

In 2559, after 28 years of bring adrift, the Spirit of Fire was mysteriousy drawn through slipspace and came into orbit above Installation 00.[15] There the crew encountered a violent mercenary group called the Banished.[16]


Spirit of Fire Command

Captain Cutter and Serina on the Spirit of Fire's bridge.





Science personnel


  • SpockShip's cat and mascot


The following is a list of former captains of the Spirit of Fire, found painted on the side of the ship's hull:[17]


In other languages
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Flag of France.png French UNSC Esprit de Feu in Halo Wars.

Spirit of Fire (weapon skin) in Halo 5: Guardians.

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