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Jacob Arden
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Jacob Arden was a Hellbringer assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire. Like the rest of the ship's personnel, Arden was drawn to the mysterious Installation 00 in 2559 following the ship's disappearance in 2531. Arden was deployed to Fort Jordan, an outpost established near the wreckage of a downed Covenant ship, intended to salvage technology for the ship's technicians to look over. However, the outpost was attacked by Banished Warlord Ristyx, and Arden soon found himself part of a small group of survivors consisting of himself, a sniper, three regular infantrymen and three Orbital Drop Shock Troopers including Corporal Kyla Emmett. Following the death of Matthews - one of the regular infantry in the group - Arden joined Emmett in the group's M650 Mastodon as they faced Ristyx and his force. Arden's fate is unknown.[1]

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