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Kyla Emmett
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Kyla Emmett was an ODST assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire. Like the rest of the ship's crew, Kyla was transported to Installation 00 in 2559, following the ship's disappearance at the conclusion of the Battle of Trove in 2531. Following the Spirit's arrival at the Ark, Kyla and her squad were part of a contingent assigned to defend Fort Jordan, a base established on the megastructure to investigate the ruins of an old Covenant ship. However, the base was attacked by a Banished force led by Ristyx, with the base's long-range communications knocked offline. Over time, the base's personnel were hunted down until Kyla and two of her ODST squadmates, a Sniper, three infantrymen and a Hellbringer named Jacob Arden. Following the death of Matthews, the group was whittled down once again, and Kyla decided that no longer would the attack's survivors run and instead bring the fight to the Banished. The group boarded their M650 Mastodon to head into the fight, but their eventual fate is unknown.[1]

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