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The Unified Earth Government Senate[1] is the legislative branch of the Unified Earth Government, composed of senators.[2] The senate convened in a chamber in the Congressional Plaza[3] on Earth. One of the organizations within the senate was the Senate Armed Forces Committee, likely charged with legislative oversight of the United Nations Space Command. The committee consisted of twelve senators.[4] Despite their positions within the UEG, senators were often kept unaware of the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence's more controversial activities, such as the conscription of the soldiers of the SPARTAN-II program.[2] In 2558, Andrew Del Rio served as a freshman senator of one of the Jovian moons.[1][3]

The UEG Senate is presumably responsible for writing the Unified Interstellar Law.


In 2558, Outer Colonies ambassador Richard Sekibo discovered that members of Sapien Sunrise were plotting to attack a peace conference he had established between the UEG and the Sangheili on Biko. Sekibo contacted the senate and asked for aid, but the UEG did not think the extremist organization was a threat and denied his request. During the peace conference, Sapien Sunrise members infiltrated Sekibo's security forces and were intending to assassinate both the human and Sangheili delegates. However, the embassy was "attacked" by rogue Spartan John-117 and the disguised extremeists were killed. Though Sekibo was mortally wounded, the Spartan escorted the Sangheili off-world; unaware of Sapien Sunrise's plot, John was blamed for the attack.[3] Shortly after, a meeting was scheduled between the senate and ONI to discuss the event.[5]

The senate meeting was between the senators on the Senate Armed Forces Committee and three of ONI's six directors, along with ONI Commander Michael Sullivan. However, the proceedings were interrupted by journalist Benjamin Giraud; Giraud was given access to the congressional chamber's main display screen by an Insurrectionist leader known as "FERO". Giraud informed the senators of ONI's method of conscription for the SPARTAN-II program and the aftermath of the abductions. Giraud sent the senators files containing proof to back his claims, before his feed was cut off by ONI.[4]

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