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Sapien Sunrise's logo

"Peace with hinge-heads is treason."
— Propaganda from Sapien Sunrise[1]

Sapien Sunrise (SS) is a xenophobic human extremist organization prominent in the Outer Colonies, following the Human-Covenant War.[1] By 2558, Sapien Sunrise had access to military hardware and were beginning to use terrorist tactics.[2]


Sapien Sunrise propaganda posters on Biko

In 2558, Outer Colonies ambassador Richard Sekibo was considered a traitor by Sapien Sunrise[1] for organizing and hosting a peace conference with a Sangheili kaidon and his clan on the reterraformed Biko.[2] The organization posted xenophobic propaganda-laden posters on the walls of buildings on Biko that reminded people that the planet had been attacked and glassed by the same species in 2526.[1] Sapien Sunrise had threatened the Biko embassy for months before the conference even occurred.[2] The Office of Naval Intelligence thought little of the organization.[1]

Meanwhile, Sapien Sunrise infiltrated Sekibo's delegation, with the intent to assassinate the human and Sangheili ambassadors and blame it on the Sangheili. Sekibo uncovered evidence of the terrorist plot by Sapien Sunrise one week before the attack, though he learned only a limited degree of the plot's details. Sekibo petitioned the UEG Senate for aid, but they rejected his request immediately. Sekibo continued to peace talk conference nonetheless. By the day of the peace conference, nine members of Sapien Sunrise managed to disguise themselves as Richard Sekibo's personal bodyguard, four civilians, and four security guards of the UEG delegates. The rogue Spartan-II Blue Team learned of the assassination plot and arrived at Biko moments before the attack could commence. Spartan John-117 entered the embassy and killed Sekibo's "bodyguard". A firefight ensued as the Spartan escorted the mortally wounded Sekibo and the surviving Sangheili diplomats to safety. John killed all nine Sapien Sunrise infiltrators, while ten other security personnel and three Sangheili were also killed in the engagement. John and the Sangheili escaped Biko on Blue Team's ship, while Sekibo died and his body was left behind in a field. The Biko government and the UEG covered up the incident; John was blamed for attacking "innocent" security guards and killing Sekibo. Sapien Sunrise's involvement was soon realized by investigators, but the information was hidden by the UEG from the public.[2]

As Benjamin Giraud prepared to go public with the truth about the SPARTAN-II program and the Master Chief, the UEG and Biko suddenly reversed course and revealed that Sapien Sunrise was behind the attack, clearing the Master Chief and the Sangheili of any wrongdoing. Ben called it a "classic ONI half-truth" and that Sapien couldn't have pulled it off without the UEG who had rejected Sekibo's requests for help, calling it "arrogant negligence." Sapien Sunrise implicated FERO as the arms dealer who supplied them with the weapons used in the embassy massacre, and ONI framed Ben as FERO.[3]

Beliefs and views[edit]

"The Sapien Sunrise believed that species integration was destroying civilization. Humans pure, aliens bad; that sort of thing."
— Journalist Benjamin Giraud[1]

The group is opposed to peace and alliances with the former Covenant client races, particularly the Sangheili. Holding the alien races responsible for the deaths of billions during the Human-Covenant War, the organization believes that the Unified Earth Government's peace with the Sangheili is treason.[1] Members of Sapien Sunrise believe that humanity is pure and that species integration would destroy civilization.[2] Believing that humanity was single-handedly responsible for winning the Covenant War, they were convinced that humanity should not "surrender" themselves to the Sangheili by forming alliances.[1]


Twitter handle images[edit]


Several propaganda signs have been posted on Twitter and Tumblr by a role play account. Among them are propaganda referring to the Battle of Biko, negative views on Richard Sekibo, inference that species integration threatens human life, as well as several others shown below.

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