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You may be looking for the player groups known as clans.

A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if actual lineage patterns are unknown, clan members may nonetheless recognize a founding member or apical ancestor. The kinship-based bonds may be merely symbolic in nature, whereby the clan shares a stipulated common ancestor that is a symbol of the clan's unity. Humans, Forerunners, Sangheili, Kig-Yar, and Jiralhanae live or have lived in a clan-based lifestyle at some point in their species' history.



Sangheili clans are similar to those of the Highland Scots in the sense that those within a clan operate as a single family. The family name originates from their founder; for example, the Vadam clan was presumably founded by a Sangheili by that name. Clans are settled in states bearing the family name. They are run by a tribal chief known as a kaidon. The kaidon is supported by a council of Elders.[1]


Kig-Yar clans ruled their homeworld before they were incorporated into the Covenant. These clans often competed for resources and raided each other's cities; they also held inter-clan competitions in major population centers.[2] Even after the Covenant's dissolution, clans remain an element of Kig-Yar society, though they no longer hold as much influence as they once did.[3] Kig-Yar clans often work in unity unless one clan has grievances with another.[4]


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Jiralhanae clans are typically referred to as packs.[5] A pack's chieftain is the group's absolute ruler. Succession among chieftains is realized by the successor killing his predecessor in honorable combat.[6] Clans are the most prominent division in Jiralhanae society, however some clans united under similar interests to form larger "meta-clan" social divisions. These two social divisions became known as the Rh'tol and the Vheiloth skeins.[7]


Forerunner Builder families were organized into clans. These clans formed alliances with each other and held tributes and records of their ancestors.[8]


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