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Ceretus, a Jiralhanae part of the Vheiloth skein during the Human-Covenant War.

The Vheiloth are one of the two main skeins or "meta-clans" of the Jiralhanae culture, with the other being the Rh'tol skein. The Vheiloth are more sophisticated and more open to new ideas than the Rh'tol.[1] Ceretus' clan was part of the Vheiloth skein.[2]


The First Immolation[edit]

The Jiralhanae of the Vheiloth skein went into conflict with the more primitive Rh'tol skein in a brutal decade-long civil war known as "The First Immolation", which set their homeworld of Doisac ablaze and almost brought them to extinction by the use of nuclear weapons. After the First Immolation, both skeins were driven back several hundred years in science and technology. Both sides would bear survivors, who would later come to fight the Covenant upon its arrival.[1]

The Covenant[edit]

When the Covenant arrived to Doisac and absorbed the Jiralhanae in 2492, the members of the Vheiloth skein adopted the Covenant religion without challenge. This generated a cultural friction and competitive infighting common to their kind, although these tensions were controlled for the most part by the Covenant leadership.[1]

Post-Covenant War[edit]

After the fall of the Covenant, many Jiralhanae returned to Doisac.[1] The Vheiloth soon came back into conflict with the Rh'tol, once again engulfing Doisac in disorganized civil war. Warfare on Doisac and nearby interplanetary colonies led to a lack of resources among the Jiralhanae. While the Rh'tol skein took great pride in raiding the frontier colonies of the Sangheili for supplies, the Vheiloth saw such piracy and destruction as an unfortunate necessity.[3]

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