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This article is about the Flood form. For the multiplayer gametype, see Juggernaut.
Flood Juggernaut
A render of a Flood Juggernaut, as it appears in Halo: Fireteam Raven.
General overview


Massive with two immensely large tentacles for arms and quick legs which give it the ability to make incredible jumps.


548 centimeters (18 ft 0 in)

Method of attack:

Flailing and pounding arms into a threat towards submission


The Flood Juggernaut is a large Flood command form. Fireteam Raven fought against multiple Juggernauts during the Battle of Installation 04.[1][2] The Abomination key mind form is an evolution of the Juggernaut.[3]


Juggernauts are highly specialized combat forms directed by a seething mass of infection forms linked to multiple hosts. The creature harnesses the hosts' minds to analyze enemy activity and adjust the local Flood strategy accordingly. They have some of the traits associated with full-fledged key minds, including the abilities to synchronize nearby parasites and relay information between distant Flood hordes.[4]

The most significant aspect of the Juggernaut is their enormous size and raw physical strength, capable of impaling armored vehicles with their sharpened tendril-arms and crush unsuspecting victims with their trunk-like legs.[4] These tendrils are capable of picking up a Hunter or impaling a fully-armoured Sangheili, and can be used to batter their victims against nearby surfaces or simply throw them into the air.[1]


Multiple Flood Juggernauts were unleashed by the Flood during the Battle of Installation 04. Following their crash-landing late in the conflict, Fireteam Raven encountered two pairs of Flood Juggernauts battling the forces of the Covenant, and were able to destroy them while waiting for evacuation.[1] During the final Mission to Destroy Installation 04, at least five Juggernauts joined the Flood's attack on the downed UNSC Pillar of Autumn, where they battled the remaining Covenant and UNSC forces on the plains below the crash site. Three of the Juggernauts were killed by the focus cannon of a Deutoros-pattern Scarab, while the remaining two were killed by Fireteam Raven.[2]

During the Outbreak on Installation 00 in 2559, several advanced Juggernaut forms referred to as Abominations were encountered and destroyed by the Banished.[5][6]

Production notes[edit]

"More like Jugger-NOT"
Main article: Cut Halo 2 enemies § Flood juggernaut

The Juggernaut was originally planned to debut as a gameplay enemy in Halo 2, but was ultimately cut from the game. The form's canon status remained in limbo until it was mentioned in Halo Wars 2's Phoenix Logs and eventually made an appearance as an enemy in the arcade shooter Halo: Fireteam Raven.

Juggernauts were originally slated to appear in the levels "The Oracle", "Sacred Icon" and "Quarantine Zone". There would never be more than one Juggernaut in any given place. Once the player eliminated it, the combat forms that were supplementing it would go "offline". The Juggernaut has four to six infection forms inside its body to control it, similar to combat forms. According to Robert McLees, the Juggernaut was supposed to be "... this uber-intelligent mini boss, but the suggested intelligence was way too high for what design needed to use it for, which was as a big tank".[7] For a full recounting of the known information on the Halo 2 iteration of the Juggernaut, see here.

The Juggernaut was also the conceptual progenitor of the pure forms seen in Halo 3. However, whereas the Juggernaut was to be controlled by infection forms, pure forms are created entirely from Flood biomass.[7]

In 2009, the "Halo 101" post on Halo Waypoint showed a Flood Juggernaut in the background image of the "Halo" section.[8]


  • The Art of Halo features a concept sketch of the Flood carrier form that resembles the Juggernaut.
  • Juggernauts are playable pieces in Halo Wars Risk. However, they do not resemble the Juggernaut, rather looking like a Thrasher Form instead.
  • In the motion comic adaptation of the short story "The Mona Lisa", a Sangheili-derived combat form closely resembles the Juggernaut.


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