Flood Juggernaut

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This article is about the deleted Flood form. For the multiplayer gametype, see Juggernaut.
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Flood Juggernaut
Juggernaut fight.png
General overview


Massive with two immensely large tentacles for arms and quick legs which give it the ability to make incredible jumps.


5.48 meters (17.98 feet)

Method of attack:

Flailing and pounding arms into a threat towards submission


The Flood Juggernaut is a large Flood command form. The Abomination key mind form is an evolution of the Juggernaut.[1]


"More like Jugger-NOT"

As a gameplay enemy, the Juggernaut is only found in the game files of Halo 2. Juggernauts were originally slated to appear in the levels "The Oracle" and "Quarantine Zone". There would never be more than one Juggernaut in any given place. Once the player eliminated it, the combat forms that were supplementing it would go "offline". The Juggernaut has four to six infection forms inside its body to control it, similar to combat forms. According to Robert McLees, the Juggernaut was supposed to be "... this uber-intelligent mini boss, but the suggested intelligence was way too high for what design needed to use it for, which was as a big tank".[2]

The Juggernaut was also the conceptual progenitor of the pure forms seen in Halo 3. However, whereas the Juggernaut was to be controlled by infection forms, pure forms are created entirely from Flood biomass.[2]

The design of the Abomination Flood form introduced in Halo Wars 2 is seemingly based on the Juggernaut.


The Juggernaut's model and AI are still present in the game files, allowing the NPC to be added to gameplay via modding, similar to the Huragok in Halo: Combat Evolved. The Juggernaut stands nearly twice as tall as a Spartan or an Elite. It has two large tentacles that can kill the player character with only one hit. They also can jump much higher and farther than regular combat forms can. They often jump high in the air at the player character when noticed, sometimes landing on top of them and killing them instantly. The Juggernaut will also sometimes forget the player character is there remain still for a few moments. Finding cover is ill-advised, as the Juggernaut will knock hit it out of the way, sending the object a great distance and killing the player if it connects. The Juggernaut is highly resistant to damage. Powerful weapons such as the shotgun and rocket launcher are all but necessary against it.[citation needed]

Through modding, it has been found that the Juggernauts have a defensive position; stopping and moving their whip-like appendages in front of their body in an X formation. When running low on health, some occurrences have happened where the Juggernaut goes berserk, waving its tentacles around wildly before striking the player with speed. As Bungie never programmed a death animation for the Juggernaut, when it dies, it simply freezes in place.[citation needed]

Although the model, textures, etc. for the Juggernaut are stored in the files of the level "High Charity", there are no spawn points for it. Modders and Halo 2 Vista players can fight against the Juggernaut on the level by switching them to spawn in place of another character's existing spawn point.[citation needed]


  • The Art of Halo features a concept sketch of the Flood carrier form that resembles the Juggernaut.
  • Juggernauts are playable pieces in Halo Wars Risk. However, they do not resemble the Juggernaut, rather looking like a Thrasher Form instead.
  • In the motion comic adaptation of the short story "The Mona Lisa", a Sangheili-derived combat form closely resembles the Juggernaut.


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