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Flood Spore
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General overview


About the size of a human fingernail

Method of attack:

Suffocates prey, sometimes clogs air filters and infects

"One single Flood spore can destroy a species."
Rtas 'Vadum[1]

Spores are the most basic of Flood forms that act as carriers of the parasite's infection. They are also crucial in the formation of Flood hives and are an effective method of suffocating future hosts and clearing the area of uninfected hostiles.


Spores are generally airborne, often clogging air filtration systems, allowing for more efficient access to host organisms. When infesting a location, the Flood often uses spore mountains or spore capsules to quickly disperse spores into a planet's atmosphere and thus expedite the conversion of the local biota.[2] The biomass that Flood launchers launch at enemies will sometimes manifest into clouds of Flood spores.[3]

While Pod infectors are the Flood's standard means of infection, it is possible for a compatible host organism to be infected by spores alone. The spores will enter the body and go about interfacing with the host's biology, consuming the victim's biomass and replacing it with Flood biomass, leading to biological transformation.[4] The Sangheili Bero 'Kusovai was infected when he inhaled Flood spores. Because he was infected in this manner his rate of mutation was far slower than that done by a Pod infector, and he was not physiologically distorted in the same manner as those originating from the primary means of Flood infection are.[5] The Prophet of Truth was later infected in a similar manner at the Battle of the Citadel.[6]


In Halo 4's Flood mode, the infected Spartan-IVs appear to be infected via spores, as they lack the Pod infector's tendrils, and the method of infection is direct contact with a combat form.


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