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The bomber form is an airborne Flood carrier form created through the infection of an airborne pseudo-cephalodpod.[1] It attacks by dropping blisters full of pod infectors and spores onto enemies from above.[2][1] Numerous bomber forms were encountered during the Battle of Trove in February 2531.[2]



With an non-sapient airborne pseudo-cephalodpod serving as its orignal host, the bomber form is a variation of Flood carrier form that uses its host's gas bladders to stay aloft.[1] The bomber form bears a strange and haunting shape, with a large, flesh-bound mouth and long, finger-like tendrils. Its "head" is set at the front of a bulbous rear section that is used to incubate pod infectors and spores.[1][2]


The bomber form floats around the environment, incubating blisters within its body and dropping them onto victims below, effectively seeding areas with the parasite with much less risk of being damaged in retaliation.[1]


Numerous bomber forms were created by the Flood during the outbreak on the Forerunner shield world of Trove. These were encountered by the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire during a battle between them and the Covenant led by the Prophet of Regret.[2]


In the mission Beachhead, bomber forms are spawned from both Flood dens and colonies.[2]


The Pain Train skull on the level Beachhead requires the player to kill ten bomber forms.


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