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Flood Bomber Form

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General overview

Method of attack:

Drops Flood blisters on enemies


The bomber form was an airborne Flood form that was encountered during the Battle of Trove in February 2531. It attacks by dropping blisters full of Pod infectors on enemies. Bomber forms were spawned from both Flood dens and colonies.[1]


The bomber form was created from an aerial life form indigenous to the Shield World that had been infected and repurposed by the Flood parasite. Its bloated abdomen was similar in shape to the upper torso of a Flood carrier form. Bomber forms used these parts of their bodies to incubate Pod infectors.

It is likely that the gas bladders that keep the life form airborne were also located here, much like the gas bladders and motile capabilities of the Forerunner-created Huragok.

Bomber forms had two spindly 'arms' on either side of their massive heads and just before the bulbous rear section. This head had a large, gaping mouth and two large, empty eye-sockets. This feature was largely unique amongst most other Flood forms, which typically utilize sensory antenna as their primary sensor apparatus. The only other mobile Flood form that seems to share this feature was the swarm, which were another indigenous species that was infected and repurposed by the Flood.


  • The Pain Train skull on the level Beachhead requires the player to kill ten bomber forms.
  • An issue of GamePro mentioned that Halo Wars would feature a second flying Flood form besides the swarm. This was later revealed to be the bomber form. Ironically, a picture of the bomber form appeared in the issue, accompanied with the confusion of GamePro as to what it was.


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