Flood burster

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Flood burster
General overview


Burrows underground


The Burster[1] is a Flood form. They are similar to Carrier forms, as they carry spores and Pod infectors to a target and release them. However, unlike Carrier forms, Bursters do not walk above ground but instead burrow beneath the ground and then emerge on the surface to release their parasitic payload on unsuspecting targets. Bursters typically reside within Flood Blightlands.[1]


Bursters were encountered by Banished and UNSC forces on Installation 00 in 2559. During the Second Ark Conflict, Voridus and Pavium were assigned by Atriox to investigate the crash site of the Covenant holy city High Charity. The two Jiralhanae breached the site, unleashing the Flood on the Ark. The infection would rapidly spread, eventually spawning Bursters in the blightlands.

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