Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare

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Halo Wars 2 : Awakening the Nightmare is a digital expansion for Halo Wars 2. It features a new campaign and a new cooperative mode known as Terminus Firefight. In addition, Awakening the Nightmare also added two new Banished multiplayer leaders (Pavium and Voridus) and two new standard multiplayer maps, the latter of which was also made available to those without the expansion. The expansion was released on September 26, 2017 for $19.99 USD on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. It is not included with the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass.[1]


The Awakening the Nightmare campaign, which includes new bookend cutscenes by Blur Studio, takes place a few months after the main game. The story explores the Banished and their desperate struggle against the Flood, which survived the conflict on the Ark and the activation of the replacement Halo at the end of Halo 3.[1]

In the new Terminus Firefight mode, up to three players can cooperate in defending their bases and a Forerunner terminus node against waves of hostile UNSC, Banished, and Flood forces. The mode, as well as the new leaders, was playable at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo.[1]




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