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Monitor's Bounty

Banner of Halo 5's Overtime update.

Start date:

November 2, 2017

Number of REQs:


Includes content for:

Halo 5: Guardians


Overtime is the eleventh and last free content update for Halo 5: Guardians and Halo 5: Forge, which released on November 2, 2017.[1] Overtime added the Oddball gametype, various weapon skins and included a weapon tuning update which overhauled Halo 5's weapon sandbox. In addition, several enhancements for Xbox One X were made with the update, including 4K resolution support.[2]

Update content[edit]

General overview[edit]

  • Support for Halo 5: Guardians Local Server app
  • Weapon tuning update
  • Xbox One X enhancements, including 4K resolution support.
  • New multiplayer modes:
    • Oddball
      • 7 new commendations[3]
        • Brute Plasma Rifle
        • Sentinel Beam
        • Gravity Hammer
        • Reach Grenade Launcher
        • Wasp Destroyer
        • Wasp Gunner
        • Grunt Mech Slayer
  • New sandbox items:
    • Relic Sword

General customization[edit]

Production notes[edit]

The skins of United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and Austalia for the Assault Rifle and the Magnum, and the Word of Mouth skin for the Battle Rifle had to be retired of this update.