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Were you looking for human colonies or Sangheili colonies?
"Hold Fast. As one, eliminate."
— Colony during the conflict on Installation 00[2]

"Colony" are two Mgalekgolo bond brothers that serve in the Banished, directing all Lekgolo forces during the Banished's campaign on Installation 00.[1]


Colony serves the Banished, deferring only to its leader Atriox. Believed to either be a representative for all Lekgolo within the Banished or a specialized command form of the species, Colony was charged with commanding all Lekgolo forces during the Banished's operations on Installation 00 in 2559, including creation and expansion of Lekgolo clusters for use in vehicles and other specialized applications.[1]

While Colony cooperates with Atriox and the Banished, the bond brothers appear to have their own plans on the Ark, focusing much of their attention on the activities near the resting place of the Forerunner keyships. Colony undertook various missions to investigate this site outside the knowledge of other Banished leaders,[1] though Atriox is apparently aware of Colony's motivations.[3]

After the destruction of the Enduring Conviction, Colony focused his resources on finding a new ship for the Banished. The Forerunner ship found and reactivated by Colony's Huragoks was 'regrown' from a ship-seed planted by the Librarian prior to the Halo activation. The ship found was a Forerunner Despair-class fighter. However, Colony's plans were stopped by the UNSC Spirit of Fire's top ODST squad Sunray 1-1.[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

Described as strange and inscrutable, these two Mgalekgolo bond brothers identify under the name "Colony". While only deferring to Atriox within the Banished, Colony undertakes various missions on Installation 00 without informing the rest of the Banished leadership. Colony has a surprising rapport with the Huragok technicians serving in the Banished, though the specifics of their communications are indecipherable to others.[1]

In battle, Colony prefers to control the battlefield with large numbers of Lekgolo-operated constructs. Colony appears to have no issue with utilizing other Lekgolo in ways to give itself an advantage in battle; for example, Colony has collaborated with Huragok to create vehicle blockades containing Lekgolo clusters and communicators to impede enemy mobility and extend the awareness of Colony and its commanders, though these blockades abuse the Lekgolo operators and significantly shortens their lifespan. Colony also coerces or directs subsidiary Mgalekgolo bond brothers into a single body to form "Goliaths", despite the adverse effect this form has on the Mgalekgolo pair.[1] The two Mgalekgolo are able to communicate as one with other members of the Banished through a special translation device created by the Banished.[3]

Production notes[edit]

Colony is a DLC Leader released on April 27, 2017 for Halo Wars 2's multiplayer.[5]

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Colony is voiced by Dave White.[2]

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