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June 16, 2498[2]


March 30, 2559

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281.9 centimeters (9 ft 3.0 in)[2]


680.4 kilograms (1,500 lb)[1][2]

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"The Covenant could not stop us. You have no chance."
— Decimus to humans from the UNSC Spirit of Fire[6]

Decimus was a Jiralhanae warrior who founded the Banished alongside Atriox when they and several other Jiralhanae rebelled against the Covenant when a Sangheili executioner was sent to kill Atriox during the Algolis Invasion. One of the longest serving War Chiefs within the Banished,[2][5] Decimus had been serving as Atriox's right hand and second-in-command ever since his rebellion.[7]


The Covenant and the Banished[edit]

Decimus prepares to slam a Sangheili into the ground.

Decimus once served in the Covenant's military. He fought in the genocidal war against humanity. He was present on Algolis when Atriox, the survivor of numerous suicide missions and a disbeliever in the Covenant's Great Journey and the war, was meant to be executed.[6] He was inspired by Atriox's refusal to allow himself to be killed and his defiance of the giant empire. At that moment Decimus sprung into action. He and other Jiralhanae killed all of the Sangheili present in the immediate area.[6] Decimus personally was responsible for numerous deaths, which he caused with his bare hands.[6] Forthwith, he fell to both knees before Atriox and pledged to follow him and formed the Banished together. From that day onward, he was Atriox's right hand.

He accompanied Atriox during raids on Covenant supply lines and stores to build up a formidable amount of ordnance stolen from the empire.[6]

Recruiting Sig Raan[edit]

Decimus and Sig Raan discuss her Yanme'e forces.

Shortly after the foundation of the Banished, Decimus travelled to a secret Covenant facility on the planet Otraak to attempt to recruit a Kig-Yar scientist he knew named Sig Raan, in an effort to expand the Banished's technological base and support their fleets. Upon arrival to the planet Decimus and his group were attack by many Unggoy fending off the attackers quickly. A hologram of Sig Raan would appear to stop the Grunts assault, inviting Decimus inside to discuss his proposel. Decimus would try to convince Sig Raan to join the Banished, with the Jackal simply taking him to her Yanme'e hive, where all Drones there would follow her orders. she was their queen thanks to a device created by her that would mimic the sonic and pheromonal signals of the Yanme'e Queen. Sig Raan then would inform Decimus that his signal to his group had been cut off and that this was the end for him. Decimus was set upon by Sig Raans drones, being swarmed by them. Decimus would only live thanks to the surprise arrival of Atriox. Atriox coming to the aid of Decimus along side his reinforcements would push back and defeat the entire hive, and as Sig Raan tried to escape Decimus would kill her firing a shot from his plasma pistol. Killing the Jackal instantly as he would take the device Sig Raan had created.[8]

It would be destroyed by Atriox as he declared all his troops would follow him out of free will, not due to being controlled.[9]

Leading the Banished[edit]

"He serves as one of Atriox's most trusted field commanders, and has served as the Banished second-in-command for years."
— A description of War Chieftain Decimus.

After the Banished had grown larger following the recruitment of many mercenaries and criminals, Decimus served in the Banished as a War Chief.[3] He had command over multiple types of leaders, including Jiralhanae Warlords who were loyal only to him and Atriox, as well as Unggoy thrall-taskmasters. Harboring a hatred for the Sangheili due to the feud between their species, Decimus often ordered the Banished Sangheili mercenaries under his command on suicide missions as canon-fodder for sadistic pleasure.[3]

Dealing with Jovus[edit]

Atriox and Decimus meet with Jovus.

Atriox arranged to meet with Jiralhanae Chieftain Jovus who had made a name for himself. Decimus was sent to meet with him first when he arrived on the planet Karava. Decimus would act as a console to Jovus going to him unarmed. He would speak of Atriox's accomplishments on Otraak, Decimus would speak in utmost respect of his leaders brutality. Jovus would snap at Decimus for his views. Then the ground would shake and tremble as explosive charges would be let off. Soon Jovus and his group would be fired upon by Pavium and Vroidus. Sending Jovus and his group fleeing back to their supply depot where they would be cut off by the Banished who would charge Jovus' group and decimate them, leaving Jovus weak and limping having taken plasma fire to his left shoulder. When Atriox would make himself known comending Jovus for his pointless endeavour fighting. Decimus would stand by as Atriox tried to convince Jovus to join him.

Jovus would defy Atriox to the end charging at the warmaster Atriox would strike Jovus with Chainbreaker killing the Brute instantly, Decimus would watch as Atriox had declared Jovus and the time of the Covenant were at an end. But the time of the Banished had just begun. [10]

The Ark[edit]

"The Ark is ours, humans, and no one will stand before the might of the Banished!"
— Decimus to UNSC forces while in the midst of battle with them.
Decimus under heavy firepower while fighting against the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire.

In November of 2558, the Banished arrived in force at Installation 00 aboard the Enduring Conviction. Atriox chose Decimus to lead the assault on the installation,[2] and he personally led the subsequent raid on the humans at the Henry Lamb Research Outpost. Decimus and a contingent of Banished ground forces massacred everyone in sight. Following this, Decimus was charged with establishing a system of power extraction and excavation across multiple sites on the Ark. In addition to plundering the massive Forerunner installation's resources, he also directed the collection of salvage left over from the prior battle in 2552. Over the next few months, these endeavors grew in scope. Accessing a Cartographer allowed the Banished to take control of the installation's local portal network, which made travel and coordination between many sites much more effective.

Decimus, fully-armored, retreats back into a portal.

When the UNSC Spirit of Fire arrived at the Ark on March 28, 2559, one of the first things the Banished were required to defend was one of these sites where Decimus was in charge of resource gathering. Around R-6029-4452 according to a Sangheili method of keeping time, a base under the control of Decimus was destroyed by Jerome-092 and Strike One. At first, the Jiralhanae War Chieftain was unaware as to why contact had been lost with his contacts at the base, but it wasn't long before the attack and the humans' presence became known to him. At first, he called for shipmaster Let 'Volir to target a newly-built UNSC firebase with pulse laser turrets as a short show of force. As the Marines and the Spartan weren't dissuaded, however, Decimus finally appeared on the battlefield himself. From the ground, Decimus not only took on the many fighters himself in close-quarters combat, but also repeatedly ordered the shipmaster to target his own location briefly and with precision as he was protected from the lasers by a powerful energy shield that his mechanized power armor could encapsulate him in for short periods. When it became clear that he would not be able to fend off the attack, Decimus retreated but the Enduring Conviction continued to bombard the area on his orders, killing UNSC and Banished troops alike, ostensibly to keep the humans from learning anything from the operation. He was ordered to report to Atriox immediately following this loss. Despite Decimus' best efforts, the humans were able to recover records from Decimus' base pointing them towards the Cartographer as their next target.[6]

Decimus decimated[edit]

Decimus is killed by UNSC forces.

"Make the most of your victory, humans... It will be... your... last...."
— Decimus' final words in his dying breath.

Decimus would not step into the fray again until two days later on March 30, when UNSC forces were making a push to cripple the portal network by destroying its central hub. He had been reassigned to protect the portals after the extent of the network was discovered by the enemy. Decimus, enraged, made a bold stand against the aggressors, wherein he coordinated with the Enduring Conviction similar to the previous engagement. The combined fire from many UNSC infantry, vehicles, and aircraft along with Spartans Jerome-092 and Douglas-042 heavily damaged Decimus and his exoskeleton. Mortally wounded from the immense firepower, Decimus collapsed to his knees and ordered the humans to enjoy their victory as it would be their last, before dying.[11]

The death of Decimus, Atriox's most trusted field commander,[7] was a setback for the Banished. Atriox later promoted War Chief Escharum to second-in-command to fill Decimus' now vacant position[12] until Escharum himself fell during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[13]

Personality and traits[edit]

"He is Atriox's right-hand and pledges loyalty to the Banished, but as I watched him walk among the ancient's halls I recognized the awe and reverence in his eyes that I once saw among my own clan. I saw that fatal longing, that tragic need to be once more struck dumb and blind by the promise of a wondrous destiny. If we are to succeed, Decimus must purge these old conflicts from his thoughts. A warrior's heart must be certain if he is to survive, as doubt is a surer killer than the sharpest blade."
Orda Val 'Saham on Decimus' reaction to the wonders of the Ark.
Decimus kills a Sangheili by breaking his neck.

Decimus was described as a typical Sangheili-hating “Brute’s Brute”,[3][14] he was ruthless and extremely bloodthirsty while boasting an almost unparalleled raw physical strength. Fighting for the glory to kill, Decimus was considered to be the embodiment of every horror story that has been passed around through the UNSC Marine Corps about battling Jiralhanae. When he served the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War, he took particular delight in hand-to-hand combat with the outmatched soldiers of the United Nations Space Command. Decimus respected strength above all else and held the traditional Jiralhanae belief that "might makes right"; Atriox gained Decimus' absolute loyalty after they successfully rebelled against the Covenant,[3] becoming known as his right hand. As befitting his rank, Decimus had his own personal Jiralhanae Warlord lieutenants but he also relished the chance to make a personal appearance on the field against particularly stubborn enemies. Decimus' bloodlust often whipped troops under his command into a frenzied rampage. While the Jiralhanae who make up Atriox's Chosen share their leader's cunning, Decimus encouraged more base traits in his warriors, chief among which was the unquenchable thirst for blood. Decimus showed little care for the troops under his care, ordering an orbital bombardment from the Enduring Conviction on his salvage base to cover up his operations while Decimus himself escaped through one of the Ark's portals. The bombardment killed many of his own troops, disgusting Isabel who called Decimus a monster for his heartless actions.[6]

Decimus still harbored resentment against the Sangheili that serve the Banished due to how they treated the Jiralhanae in the Covenant. As such, Decimus took a sadistic joy in ordering the Sangheili of the Banished on dangerous, and often suicidal, missions.[3] Like Atriox, Decimus despises the Covenant and its remnants.[14] Like Escharum, Decimus typically disliked humans while still working with Banished human mercenaries under his and Atriox's command,[15] viewing their kind as insects and arrogant vermin.[16][17][18] On occasion, he would sometimes show respect for them as well.[19] Unlike many in the Banished, Decimus secretly continued to harbor a belief in the divinity of the Forerunners right up until his death. Orda Val 'Saham, a Sangheili guard who reported to him, noted that he regarded the Forerunner architecture on the Ark with reverence and awe. In his eyes, 'Saham saw what he regarded as a fatal longing and a tragic need to be struck dumb and blind by the promise of a wondrous destiny.[20]


When in battle, Decimus wore a heavily armored exoframe that he had personally commissioned, preferring hand-to-hand combat in nearly all circumstances.[2] This exoskeleton increased his strength and granted him a great deal of protection from weaponry, as shown in his first run-in with forces from the Spirit of Fire.[21] When engaging UNSC forces for the second time, Decimus bragged that his armor had been improved in the meantime since the last fight. Decimus wielded a modified gravity hammer[2] that could be used to pull vehicles and infantry toward him so he could then smash them, in addition to unleashing a devastating gravity vortex.

Production notes[edit]

  • Decimus is voiced by T.J. Storm.[22]
  • In development Decimus' pre-rendered Blur cutscene model had white hair, while his in engine model had black hair. In the final build, Decimus' in engine model was changed to have white hair to match the pre-rendered CGI Blur cutscene model.
  • Decimus was originally planned to return from the dead as a Flood Combat Form in Awakening the Nightmare as evidenced in its concept art.
  • After Decimus is killed, his body vanishes though this appears to simply be a matter of graphics rather than something actually happening to his body as the UNSC forces that took him down don't react at all.


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