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This article is about the Banished enforcers in Halo Wars 2. For similarly-named group of bosses in Halo Infinite, see Hand of Atriox.
One of Atriox's Chosen.

"I will lay down my life for Atriox."
— An Atriox's Chosen.[1]

Atriox's Chosen are an order of Jiralhanae warriors within the Banished, who serve as enforcers for the will of Atriox. They are typically drawn from the ranks of the Chieftains,[2] though the title is primarily bestowed upon those who demonstrated unalienable loyalty for the warmaster and skill in combat.[3]


Role and responsibilities[edit]

The Chosen act as enforcers of Atriox's will within the Banished, and permeate the organisation's structure at every level.[3] They work as agents in charge of keeping uncooperative packs in line and ensuring their loyalty to Atriox's will. They additionally work to direct the forces they are attached to, and their presence on the battlefield invokes a sense of awe and fear in those they encounter - particularly the lesser-ranked Jiralhanae within the Banished. The Sangheili mercenaries serving within the Banished, such as those under Shipmaster Let 'Volir's command, have an active hostility to the Chosen.[2]

Over time, many prideful would-be challenger Chieftains to Atriox's rule have been dealt with by the Chosen, ensuring Atriox's stable leadership over the Banished as a whole.[2]

Atriox's Chosen are primarily drawn from the ranks of the Jiralhanae, with no active examples of any Chosen selected from any of the other constituent species within the Banished. Whether this status is inherently exclusive to the Jiralhanae is unknown.[4] The warriors selected to be inducted into the Chosen consist of those who demonstrate complete loyalty to Atriox, and great skill in battle[3] - usually consisting of higher-ranked and more experienced Chieftains.[2]


Atriox's Chosen are outfitted with full-body armour and energy shielding. They are typically seen utilising Type-25 Brute Shots in combat.[1][2]


Halo Wars 2[edit]


  • Info: Ranged hero, Versatile spike ammo, One active hero limit.
  • Tier: 1
  • Cost: Population 0, Supplies 300, Power 275
  • Atriox's Chosen upgrade: Plasma Round
    • Info: Increases damage, adds area of effect
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 300
  • Atriox's Chosen upgrade: Scorch Rounds
    • Info: Increases damage, Damage over time
    • Tier: 2
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 450
  • Atriox's Chosen upgrade: Rifled Barrel
    • Info: Increases damage, Greatly increases range
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 600

Atriox's Chosen are exclusive to Atriox and can be built at the War Council. Atriox's Chosen are great against infantry, vehicles, and aircraft, while being okay against structures. In Blitz, an Atriox's Chosen costs Blitz Energy 200 and features the Shock ability that reduces enemy units' armor.


Atriox's Chosen Blitz card.

The Chosen is a Blitz card available for use by players playing as Atriox in Halo Wars 2, particularly in the Blitz and Blitz Firefight modes. The Chosen has the following attributes;

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Cost to deploy: Blitz Energy 180
  • Shield: This unit has energy shield protection that absorbs damage and regenerates when out of combat.
  • Shock: This unit intimidates nearby enemy troops, significantly reducing their armor.

Phoenix log[edit]

Phoenix Log - Atriox's Chosen
Phoenix log artwork

Atriox's enforcers.

Only the most cunning and loyal Brutes are chosen as Atriox's personal enforcers. Their unquestioning devotion to Atriox makes them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and personal energy shields make them even harder to kill. Each Chosen is armed with the explosive grenade launcher commonly known as a Brute Shot, which can be upgraded to increase both damage and range.

Favored Chieftains in Atriox's retinue may be promoted to Atriox's Chosen, agents that intercede on his behalf to bring recalcitrant packs to heel and direct critical Banished operations. Answerable only to Atriox , these warriors are feared by lesser Brutes and hated by the Shipmaster’s troops, but none can deny their loyalty or ability to detect and destroy weak links in Banished operations. Many a prideful Chieftain who dared question Atriox's command have ended up as a problem ‘fixed' by of one of Atriox's inner circle.

Production notes[edit]

In the Halo Wars 2 Open Beta and Blitz Beta, Jiralhanae Warlords used the same armour model as Atriox's Chosen.[5] Several Brutes were also shown in Blitz to wear Atriox's Chosen power armor, but were armed with gravity hammers, as opposed to the Brute Shot shown in the final game.


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