Hand of Atriox

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Hand of Atriox
Promotional poster for Halo Infinite featuring the members of the Hand of Atriox.


Hunting down and killing Spartans[1]






House of Reckoning



Notable individuals:


"I honor his memory each day. When our enemy rises, we meet their challenge. It is why I created the Hand of Atriox. I found the best. The cruelest. The most effecient killers in the universe... and taught them how to be better."
Escharum to John-117.[2]

The Hand of Atriox was a special operations unit within the Banished, named in the honor of its presumed late leader Atriox. Also known as Spartan Killers,[1] these warriors specialized in taking down UNSC Spartans. Jega 'Rdomnai was its first recruit and served as one of its most feared members.[3]



Escharum created the Hand of Atriox to honor the memory of Atriox after his alleged death.[2]

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Battle for Zeta Halo[edit]

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On May 14, 2560, Jega 'Rdomnai took part in the Battle of the Beacon Tower where UNSC forces sought to use a beacon tower to broadcast the coordinates of the ring to UNSC space. The attempt was successful and the UNSC survivors were rescued by Submonitor 091 Adjutant Veridity before 'Rdomnai's forces could completely overtake and slaughter them.[4]

On May 28, following the destruction of three Banished Gorespike cannons by John-117, War Chief Escharum dispatched Hyperius and Tovarus to kill the legendary Spartan. However, both brothers died at the Master Chief's hands. Subsequently, Escharum ordered 'Rdomnai to bring him the Master Chief[5] and he kidnapped Fernando Esparza to draw the Master Chief out.[6]

As predicted by Escharum, the Master Chief attacked the House of Reckoning to get Esparza back. During the battle, a cloaked 'Rdomnai attacked the Spartan in the structure on the third level of the Banished fortress. Ultimately, the Master Chief defeated 'Rdomnai, apparently killing him. However, the Spartan was unable to confirm this as the Sangheili's body disappeared without a trace.[7]

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Known Members[edit]

As of 2560, there are three known members of the Hand of Atriox.


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