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This article is about a Banished Sangheili rank. For other uses, see Warlord (disambiguation).
A Sangheili Warlord at night on Installation 07.








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Sangheili Warlords are high ranking Sangheili mercenaries in the Banished.[1]


Roles and responsibilities[edit]

For the Sangheili serving in the Banished, the position of warlord represents the most significant departure from the old Covenant's traditional military structure. While Sangheili warlords typically serve as field commanders and generals in combat, they are described to be similar in role to that of a Kaidon, the lord of a Sangheili keep.[1] Although a warlord does not necessarily have to be a Kaidon, the few Kaidons willing to join the Banished despite its stigma, such as Thav 'Sebarim,[3] are considered best suited for the position due to their ruling experience. A warlord commands hundreds of mercenaries and enforcers in a unified, holistic manner, and drives them to outperform all others in the Banished.[1]


A number of Sangheili Warlords participated in the Battle for Zeta Halo, where they commanded large numbers of troops, oversaw operations at certain bases, and guarded key Forerunner facilities. One of the most infamous of these Warlords was Chak 'Lok, Escharum's chief interrogator, who brutally tortured UNSC POWs at his Tower. On May 28, 2560, John-117 stormed the Tower and slew Chak 'Lok, putting an end to the Warlord's reign of terror.[4] As he continued his campaign against the Banished on Zeta Halo, the Master Chief encountered other Sangheili Warlords.[5][6][7]


Sangheili Warlords wear similar ceremonial resplendent harnesses with ornamental command helmets that are used by Generals. These armors vary from having additionally crimson spots though their harnesses to being entirely colored in gold.[2]

While their ornate armors provide both good protection and decent mobility and include extremely powerful energy shields far superior to standard armors used by Sangheili Mercenaries, it can be also equipped with an active camouflage generator.[2]

In-game information[edit]

Warlords are usually armed with Veporokk Workshop Ravagers, though they can swap to their energy swords in close combat, especially when they have lost their shields and cloaked themselves in response. Like other Sangheili enemies, Warlords carry plasma grenades. Warlords are often seen commanding large groups of low to high ranking Unggoy, Kig-yar, Jiralhanae, and even other lower ranking Sangheili.


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