High Value Target

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High Value Targets in the campaign of Halo Infinite are 15 special targets in the Banished forces. Each target includes a dossier made by The Weapon, and killing any of the targets unlocks their unique weapons on the Forward Operating Bases.



01: Inka 'Saham
HINF InkaTarget.png

Third Lance
Second Combat Element
Valorguards of the Chosen

Naval Intelligence: Inka 'Saham grew in notoriety during the Covenant War as Shipmaster of the DAS-class storm cutter Heresy's Sorrow, which repeatedly harassed UNSC supply lines and UEG trade routes. After the collapse of the Covenant, 'Saham struck an alliance with the War Chief Escharum, and dedicated the service of his ship and crew to the Banished. In 2559, a Spartan-IV headhunter was dispatched to assassinate 'Saham, but the mission failed: according to reports, our operative was held and tortured as a prisoner of war, not to obtain UNSC intel, but simply for 'Saham's enjoyment. Since then, 'Saham has been induced into the Bloodstars, a Banished spec-ops group repurposed to train warriors in the art of eliminating Spartans.

Weapon: Rapidfire Pulse Carbine
02: Thav 'Sebarim
HINF ThavTarget.png

First Lance
Third Combat Element
Warriors of Malaston

Naval Intelligence: Kaidon Thav 'Sebarim was one of the leading Covenant commanders in their final strikes against Earth and it's colonies on Reach and Luna. He abandoned his station after the Prophets betraying the Elites, and fled back to his homeworld of Suban to be reunited with their kin at the Keep of Malaston. As the Sangheili people descended into a vicious cycle of civil war, the kaidon joined forces with Atriox, as the Banished did not discriminate against Sangheili warriors, so long as they were skilled. 'Sebarim has become infamous for his actions in the Battle of Harrow, where his siege of the city of Adruvon resulted in the deaths of over 700,000 human civilians.

Weapon: Arcane Sentinel beam
03: Okro 'Vagaduun
High Value Target/Okro
10: Ik'novus the Devourer
High Value Target/Ik'novus
13: Skimmer Patrol
High Value Target/Skimmer