Barracuda Squad

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Barracuda Squad
Barracuda Squad


United Nations Space Command


UNSC Marine Corps




8+ Marines


Battle for Zeta Halo


Unnamed squad leader


Barracuda Squad is a squad of UNSC Marines who fought in the Battle for Zeta Halo.


At some point prior to May 28, 2560, the Banished captured Barracuda Squad's leader. The Unggoy Propaganda officer Glibnub later claimed they were keeping his corpse for their amusement.[1]

Around the time Master Chief John-117 arrived on the fragmented section of Zeta Halo, the Banished captured the rest of Barracuda Squad and tied them to a plasma gyve. At some point after the Chief stormed the Tower and killed Chak 'Lok, the Spartan's AI companion, The Weapon, picked up Barracuda's distress call, prompting the Chief to rescue the marines.

In-game information[edit]

In Halo Infinite, Barracuda Squad is found in the "Connections" section of the campaign. Answering their distress call earns the player 30 Valor points. This valor is awarded even if all members of Barracuda Squad are killed.

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  1. ^ Halo Infinite, Propaganda tower: "Attention, Barracuda Squad. Barracuda Squad? That’s a stupid name. Just wanted you to know that we still got your commander. I mean, he’s dead, but we do still have him and he’s a lot of fun." - Glibnub