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Season 03: Echoes Within Intro Cinematic

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The Season 03: Echoes Within Intro Cinematic is a cinematic that plays when opening Halo Infinite during the duration of Season 03: Echoes Within. It is notable for being one of only three cutscenes pre-rendered by Axis Studios rather than being created in-engine; the other two being Infinite’s campaign opening cutscene, and the Multiplayer Season 1 Cinematic Intro.

Cutscene transcript[edit]

The cutscene begins with Hieu Dinh lying down in a bed. Vital monitors beep around him as voices from the past begin to speak.

  • Marine Medic: His neural link is corrupted, ma'am.
  • Laurette Agryna: Eklund. What exactly did Spartan Dinh put inside his head?

The camera shows a brain monitor. The fingers on Dinh's right hand move.

The camera shows the back of Dinh's helmet. The AI slot glows red. Dinh's head shakes.

  • Iratus: (Furious roar)

The brain monitor beeps much more rapidly now. Dinh's entire body shakes, and his head violently shakes.

The scene changes to Dinh standing on a desert planet, armored, but without his helmet. A Forerunner vessel stands before him. The camera moves towards Dinh's face.

  • Dinh: Why? Why here?

The camera shows Dinh's face, with closed eyes.

  • Iratus: Because you refuse to see.

Dinh opens his eyes. A UNSC-designed door appears in front of him.

  • Dinh: There's nothing you can show me that I haven't seen a thousand times.

Dinh walks in front of the door.

  • Iratus: Except the truth.

The door slides open, revealing a gray fog inside. Iratus appears behind Dinh, then hovers in front of him.

  • Iratus: Go on. I dare you.

Dinh walks through the door. He appears in front of the Forerunner vessel, now at night. A flaming Warthog is in front of him.

  • Dinh: I told them. Go at night. Airborne. It would have been different.

Dinh crouches down and picks up an M392 Bandit.

  • Iratus: Would it?

Iratus shows Dinh what would have happened in that scenario. He shows Dinh a Pelican being shot down by plasma shots. Dinh becomes infuriated at Iratus.

  • Dinh: Get Out! Get Out! (angry roar) Get! Out!
  • Iratus: (Cruel chuckle) But there is so much more to see.

Suddenly, Yanme'e emerge from the sand around Dinh and they pull him under the sand.

  • Dinh: (Pained groan)

Dinh falls through the interior of a Forerunner structure and lands on the ground. He rises to his feet.

  • Iratus: I smell...(sniffs) fear. How disappointing.

The same door from the desert is in front of Dinh. Iratus once again appears beside Dinh.

  • Dinh: You weren't here. And I'm not gonna let you go any further!
  • Iratus: Ah! There's that Spartan spirit! Delicious!

The door slides open, revealing a blinding white light. Dinh is forcibly pulled into the door.

  • Iratus: But, in the end, pointless.

Dinh is taken into a room with dead Yanme'e littering the floor. Dead Spartan-IVs are scattered among the corpses.

  • Dinh: You don't know anything.

Dinh walks to a pillar in the center of the room. A dead Spartan is against the pillar.

  • Iratus: Because the truth is this: it always ends the exact same way.

Dinh removes the Spartan's helmet, revealing himself, but with shorter hair. His doppelganger opens his eyes.

  • Doppelganger: Death for you. And triumph-

The doppelganger grabs Dinh.

Iratus, through Dinh: -for me!

Dinh rises in the bed, and the camera zooms into his helmet.

Cuts to black.

The Echoes Within logo, with a black background.