Halo 5: Guardians E3 Cinematic trailer

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The Halo 5: Guardians E3 Cinematic trailer was shown during the Xbox Media Briefing at E3 2015. It is followed immediately by the demo.[1]


Open to a wreckage in a valley under a dark sky. Fade to John-117 approaching a cliff, looking down at the wreckage.

  • Edward Buck (voiceover): "Not just another target, you know."

Fade to black. Fade to the valley, where John scanning the area with his MA5D assault rifle.

  • Jameson Locke (voiceover): "Every target is just another target, Buck."

John lowers his rifle and looks around. Fade to black. Fade to a Type-56 Lich flying towards the horizon, escorted by a group of Type-26 Banshees and followed by two Type-52 Phantoms and another group of T-26 Banshees. Fade to black.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "At 0631 this morning, Master Chief was declared absent without leave."

Fade to John in the alley. He sees a blue light on the ground nearby, and slowly approaches it. Fade to Locke and Thel 'Vadam in a room, surrounded by holographic panels.

  • Jameson Locke (voiceover): "I'm a Spartan now, sir."

'Vadam walks to a holographic panel and interacts with it with one hand. His other hand gestures Locke to pause.

  • Thel 'Vadam: "I know who you are..."

Fade to John in the valley, standing in front of the blue light and about to touch it.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "...yet now you hunt another Spartan."

Fade to 'Vadam in front of a holotable, which displays a Sangheili city.

Cut to Locke, unfazed. Fade to a human docking bay. Fireteam Osiris is following a Sangheili to a docked Lich.

  • Edward Buck (voiceover): "Every other Spartan..."

Cut to the inside of the Lich approaching Sunaion. Locke approaches the members of his team preparing their weapons and equipment. Cut to Buck talking.

  • Edward Buck: "...every soldier, when they hear about this..."

Cut to Fireteam Osiris approaching the Lich's door with other Sangheili soldiers as they put on their helmets. A Phantom flies past. Cut back to Buck talking.

  • Edward Buck: "...they're gonna hate us. You know that, right?"

Fade to black. Cut to John in the valley. He looks up at a figure rapidly rising above him. Cut to a front view of him, showing a figure reflecting on his helmet's visor. Cut to Locke talking to Buck.

  • Jameson Locke: "You're not the only one here because of him."

Cut to Fireteam Osiris and the Sangheili onboard the Lich, looking outside the Lich's door. Cut to an aerial battle above a Sangheili city. The Lich and two Phantoms zoom over the city and through the battle.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "Sunaion — the Covenant's final stronghold..."

Cut to Locke, behind his teammates. Cut to several Covenant soldiers watching the Lich and Phantoms fly past.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "That is where you'll find the Master Chief... "

Cut to Fireteam Osiris jumping out of the Lich and landing on a platform.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "...and the guardian he seeks."

The Spartans raise their weapons.


  • When the Lich fly past several Covenant soldiers, an Unggoy with a Type-57 carbine can be seen. This is the first time an Unggoy is seen with a long-range weapon.