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Halo 5: Guardians Spartan Locke Armor Ad

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The Halo 5: Guardians Spartan Locke Armor Set Gamestop Ad is a CGI advertisement for pre-ordering Halo 5: Guardians from GameStop. It was released on April 20, 2015 and depicts Jameson Locke fighting Covenant forces on Sanghelios. The video used in-game assets from Halo 5: Guardians and started off as an internally animated piece used to explore Spartan abilities before becoming an advertisement.[1][2]


A D'nomlhe-pattern Banshee flies over a Sanghelios city and shoots its fuel rod cannon at a nearby D79-TC Pelican causing it to crash. Cut to Jameson Locke in a separate D79-TC Pelican's troop bay as he holsters a BR85HB battle rifle and puts on his helmet. Cut to an outside view of the Pelican as Locke jumps out of the dropship and smashes through a nearby building's wall. Locke pauses for a moment before he starts sprinting towards a wall across the hallway. He smashes through the wall and jumps on a Banshee. Locke causes the Banshee to spin and crash before jumping off and hitting the ground. Locke sees another Banshee and quickly sprints towards it tackling it out of the air. A Hesduros Sangheili Zealot armed with a Type-1 energy sword approaches as Locke spins around and aims his battle rifle at the Zealot. Cut to Locke clambering up the side of a building. On the top he activates his Artemis Tracking System to look down at a group of Kig-Yar Storm and a Sangheili Warrior. Locke throws down several Anskum-pattern plasma grenades around the Covenant before ground pounding the area which causes the grenades to explode. Locke sprints past a UNSC serviceman (presumably from the Pelican that was shot down earlier) and fires his battle rifle.

GameStop narrator: Sometimes you're the predator...

Locke runs past a Sangheili with an energy sword similar to the Prophets' Bane and Spartan charges a group of Kig-Yar Storm. Cut to Locke staring down a Karo'etba-pattern Ghost piloted by a Sangheili Storm. Locke uses his stabilizers to dodge the Ghost's ram. Locke turns around in the air and destroys the Ghost with one burst from his battle rifle.

GameStop narrator: ...and sometimes you're the prey.

Cut to Locke clambering up another building. Once at the top Locke jumps off and ground pounds his way through the side of another building. After crashing through Locke fires a burst from his battle rifle. Locke sticks a Commander with a plasma grenade before rolling out of the way of the Commander's energy sword and the grenade's explosion.

GameStop narrator: When hunting season starts make sure you've got the right gear.

Cut to Locke on the top of a rocky hill as several Sangheili Commanders and Kig-Yar Storm climb up after him. Locke faces the camera.

GameStop narrator: Pre-order Halo 5: Guardians and get the Spartan Locke armor set only at Gamestop. Product not yet rated.


  • Locke appears to have fourteen grenades on his HUD.
  • When fighting a Ghost, Locke performs a maneuver resembling a "360 no-scope", where he kills an Elite by leaping over it, swiveling while in the air, and immediately one-shotting the Ghost by shooting its fuel cell.