Halo 5: Guardians E3 2015 Campaign Demo

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The Halo 5: Guardians E3 2015 Campaign Demo is a campaign demo of Halo 5: Guardians released during the Xbox Media Briefing at E3 2015.


Open to a wreckage in a valley under a dark sky. Fade to John-117 approaching a cliff, looking down at the wreckage.

  • Edward Buck (voiceover): "Not just another target, you know."

Fade to black. Fade to the valley, where John scanning the area with his MA5D assault rifle.

  • Jameson Locke (voiceover): "Every target is just another target, Buck."

John lowers his rifle and looks around. Fade to black. Fade to a Type-56 Lich flying towards the horizon, escorted by a group of Type-26 Banshees and followed by two Type-57 Phantoms and another group of T-26 Banshees. Fade to black.

  • Thomas Lasky (voiceover): "At 0631 this morning, Master Chief was declared absent without leave."

Fade to John in the alley. He sees a blue light on the ground nearby, and slowly approaches it. Fade to Locke and Thel 'Vadam in a room, surrounded by holographic panels.

  • Jameson Locke (voiceover): "I'm a Spartan now, sir."

'Vadam walks to a holographic panel and interacts with it with one hand. His other hand gestures Locke to pause.

  • Thel 'Vadam: "I know who you are..."

Fade to John in the valley, standing in front of the blue light and about to touch it.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "...yet now you hunt another Spartan."

Fade to 'Vadam in front of a holotable, which displays a Sangheili city.

Cut to Locke, unfazed. Fade to a human docking bay. Fireteam Osiris is following a Sangheili to a docked Lich.

  • Edward Buck (voiceover): "Every other Spartan..."

Cut to the inside of the Lich approaching Sunaion. Locke approaches the members of his team preparing their weapons and equipment. Cut to Buck talking.

  • Edward Buck: "...every soldier, when they hear about this..."

Cut to Fireteam Osiris approaching the Lich's door with other Sangheili soldiers as they put on their helmets. A Phantom flies past. Cut back to Buck talking.

  • Edward Buck: "...they're gonna hate us. You know that, right?"

Fade to black. Cut to John in the valley. He looks up at a figure rapidly rising above him. Cut to a front view of him, showing a figure reflecting on his helmet's visor. Cut to Locke talking to Buck.

  • Jameson Locke: "You're not the only one here because of him."

Cut to Fireteam Osiris and the Sangheili onboard the Lich, looking outside the Lich's door. Cut to an aerial battle above a Sangheili city. The Lich and two Phantoms zoom over the city and through the battle.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "Sunaion — the Covenant's final stronghold..."

Cut to Locke, behind his teammates. Cut to several Covenant soldiers watching the Lich and Phantoms fly past.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "That is where you'll find the Master Chief... "

Cut to Fireteam Osiris jumping out of the Lich and landing on a platform.

  • Thel 'Vadam (voiceover): "...and the guardian he seeks."

The Spartans raise their weapons.


Fireteam Osiris has assembled on the platform. Explosions and weapons fire can be heard in the distance as the Arbiter's forces continue battling Jul 'Mdama's followers.

  • Locke: "Let's move. Vale, keep an ear on COM."
  • Vale: "Affirmative."
  • Locke: "Buck, Tanaka, defensive positions."

The team moves out. Most of the Covenant soldiers here are already dead or dying.

  • Dying Sangheili: "I will never bow to infidels! (coughs)"

Locke shoots the Sangheili in the head with his battle rifle, finishing the Elite off. Buck, meanwhile, dispatches a wounded Unggoy.

  • Buck: "Locke, we sure the Chief came this way?"
  • Locke: "Let's see. Activating the Artemis."

Locke swipes his hand across the armor covering his left arm, bringing up a holographic scanner. A blue light is projected outward as Locke conducts a quick scan. The scan highlights an object on the ground a short distance away.

  • Locke: "Got a reading. There. Vale, do you see this, too?"

He gestures at the object. A waypoint appears over it.

  • Vale: "Let me take a look."

The team advances forward to investigate. Vale kneels down over the object of interest.

  • Vale: "Chief's assault rifle. No ammo."
  • Tanaka: "Then the Master Chief's been through here."
  • Locke: "Which means he has a head start on the Guardian. Let's get moving."

The team continues forward, moving up a flight of stairs. An explosion goes off nearby. A surviving Unggoy flees in terror.

  • Unggoy: (panicked) "I regret everything!"

Another explosion goes off, killing the Unggoy.

Locke and his team reach the top of the stairs and head down a corridor. They emerge out onto another platform. A damaged Spirit Dropship flies overhead, followed by a trio of Phantoms.

  • Vale: "Looks like Arbiter's running the Covenant out of town."
  • Locke: "He's been fighting for this moment a long time, Vale. The Covenant's finally breaking."

The team moves up another flight of stairs, head through another shorter corridor, and step out onto another platform. A Phantom hovers nearby. Behind it, a massive Forerunner construct is assembling itself.

  • Tanaka: "There's the Guardian!"
  • Buck: "You think the Chief's already on board?"

Before anyone can respond, a blue light begins emanating from the Guardian's center. An ominous humming sound is heard as the light glows more and more intense. The Phantom starts to flee, but the Guardian discharges the blue light in a pulse that rips through the platform, damaging it. Locke's shields are drained. The Phantom is also hit and it flies out of control.

  • Tanaka: "Watch out!"

The Phantom crashes into an overhead structure and explodes.

Locke's shields recharge.

  • Locke: "Keep your head down and run!"

The team sprints across the severely damaged platform, which is rapidly falling apart. Another Phantom crashes into a nearby building. As Locke nears the end of the platform, the ground beneath him suddenly gives way and he starts to fall.

  • Vale: "Locke!"

Locke grabs onto the remaining ledge just in time to prevent himself from falling into the ocean below.

  • Locke: "I'm okay. Keeping going!"
  • Buck: "Go, go! Move, Spartans!"

Locke climbs back up and follows his team down a corridor and into a chamber. The floor here has collapsed, so they drop down into the lower level.

  • Locke: "Made it."
  • Buck: "Yeah. Safe and sound... inside a crumbling building."
  • Tanaka: "Better than the bottom of the ocean."

The team exits the chamber and enters a room containing a flickering hologram of a kneeling Sangheili. Debris from the collapsed floor above has made a ramp leading back up top to another corridor. As Locke cautiously advances forward, a pair of glowing blue-white lights fly overhead and move down the corridor.

  • Vale: "Did you see that?"
  • Buck: "Do you think it's Prometheans?"

Locke switches to his shotgun.

Locke and the others move up the makeshift ramp and head down the corridor and enter a chamber, containing what appears to be a power generator.

  • Vale: "Incoming!"

Locke looks to the left and sees one of the lights he observed earlier flare up and dissipate, summoning a squad of Promethean Crawlers. The other light flares up on an upper ledge in the distance, also summoning a group of Crawlers.

Locke and his team engage the Crawlers and quickly destroy most of them. A Forerunner hovercraft suddenly swoops in and begins firing on the team.

Vale takes too many hits and goes down.

  • Vale: "Ugh! I'm down!"

Locke points at the Phaeton. A red highlight appears over it.

  • Locke: "Buck, light it up!"
  • Buck: "You got it!"

Buck fires his Hydra MLRS at the Phaeton, destroying it.

  • Buck: "Phaeton down."
  • Locke: "Tanaka, help Vale."
  • Tanaka: "On it! On your feet, Spartan!"

Tanaka revives Vale.

Locke moves up another ramp created by debris. He moves down a short corridor and steps out onto an open platform. Two Promethean Soldiers suddenly teleport in.

  • Tanaka: "Soldiers!"

One of the Soldiers melees Locke, draining his shields and knocking him back several steps. Locke quickly recovers and returns fire, along with the rest of his team, swiftly destroying both Soldiers.

Locke switches back to his battle rifle and conducts a scan of the area. A waypoint pops up on an upper ledge on the right. The rest of Locke's team begin firing at more Crawlers on the platform below.

  • Locke: "Weapons cache up there. Vale, Tanaka, flank left. Buck, head up with me."

Locke and Buck head up to the ledge, destroying a single Crawler along the way. Buck mans a plasma turret, while Locke inspects a new Covenant weapon in the cache.

  • Locke: "Plasma Caster."

Locke trades his battle rifle for the Plasma Caster. Armed with their newly acquired weapons, Locke and Buck assist Vale (who has switched to a Plasma Pistol at this point) and Tanaka in their battle against the Crawlers below. With superior firepower and the advantage of the high ground, Locke and Buck quick eliminate most of the Crawlers.

Two more Promethean Soldiers suddenly appear on the ledge.

  • Buck: "Soldiers!"
  • Promethean Soldier: "Humans sighted!"
  • Promethean Soldier: "You will submit!"

Locke fires a charged shot from his Plasma Caster at one Soldier, destroying it. At the same time, Buck removes the plasma turret from its mount and uses it to quickly destroy the second Soldier.

Below them, more Promethean Soldiers and Crawlers have appeared. Locke switches to his shotgun and jumps down. The team charges across the platform, clearing out the Prometheans barring their way. Soon, they reach another open platform, this one leading directly to the Guardian.

Soldier Captains teleport onto the platform.

  • Buck: "Soldier Captains on deck!"
  • Locke: "Take them down!"

Locke blasts the first Captain twice with his shotgun, destroying it. Buck, meanwhile, flanks right and destroys a second Captain. He then engages the third and final Captain guarding the platform from a distance. With the Captain distracted by Buck, Locke attacks from behind with his Spartan Charge ability, destroying the last Soldier Captain.

A voice suddenly addresses them.

  • Warden Eternal (off-screen): "I am the Warden Eternal. Keeper of the Domain and her secrets."

A purple ball of light floats down to the platform and morphs into the Warden.

  • Locke: "Take him out!"

The team open fire on the Warden, to no effect. The Warden activates a large hardlight blade and charges them. Locke is sent flying, his shields drained. The rest of the team also goes down.

As Locke struggles to get back up, the Warden ensnares him in a Constraint field and telekinetically drags him over.

  • Warden Eternal: "The Master Chief is called. But you... Your passage is denied."

The Warden's helm splits open to reveal a glowing orange pair of skull-like eye sockets (much like those of a Promethean Knight) that glow brighter and brighter, engulfing Locke.

Cut to black.

Gameplay ends.

{Cinematic footage}

Locke ducks underneath Jul 'Mdama's sword and slides across the floor, wounding 'Mdama in the process. Catherine Halsey watches from nearby.

Vale flips over a Sangheili Zealot.

Cut to the inside of a UNSC ship where a Sangheili Commander is confronted by Blue Team.

Tanaka fires her weapon.

A mass of Lekgolo crawl down a window. Blue team can be seen in the distance.

A Hunter rises up from the Lekgolo.

Cut to the surface a planet. A Spirit Dropship unloads its troops.

Cut to another shot of the planet's surface. Covenant forces are battling a Spartan, while a Covenant excavator begins to rise up nearby. The Excavator smashes a spire with one of its legs.

A Mantis battles a lance of Kig-Yar and a Wraith. A mortar round from the Wraith destroys the Mantis.

Cut to a hangar bay where Banshees battle each other. One Banshees fires upon another from behind, destroying it.

Cut to the surface of a planet, where Locke is battling a lance of Covenant. Locke uses his Spartan ability to charge a Kig-Yar, killing it.

Cut to a Guardian rising up on a volcanic planet.

  • Locke: (voiceover) "We need to get airborne."

Cut to a pair of Phaetons taking off. They join several other Phaetons attacking the Covenant excavator.

  • Locke: (voiceover) "We are airborne in Forerunner Phaeton."

Cut to Locke fighting a Zealot. He strikes it in the head with his weapon, then kicks it away.

Cut back to the Guardian assembling itself. It rises up, fully activated.

Cut to black.

Fade in on the surface of the volcanic world. Title appears.

Halo 5

Fade to black. Date appears.

10. 27. 15

Demo ends.